Battleground Tag Match Usos (c) vs The New Day

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. Nothing against the Usos but ehhh the tag division has just been getting worse. I thought for awhile we would see improvement for this but it just feels so repetitive. I don't really care to see the New Day in another match where they have a chance to be the champs. I never liked the group and want to see how Big E can do on his own.

    Maybe this will finally start breaking them up?... or they will just win and unicorn horns will be lobbed into the crowds... I don't really know, not sure if there is anything interesting around this or not. For me, I am not too interested in it.

    Just make this end already....

    Thoughts on the match and feud?
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  2. I just hope there is a "proper" finish this time...

    The match they had at MitB was great...but it
    was ruined by the finish.
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  3. My Mom and Step Dad asked me if the New Day Were GAY. I Said No, (As far As I know anyways)They're just friends in a group. However, I too, Do not like the New Day. I liked them better when they were seperated. I especially prefered Kofi by himself. It would be nice to See Big E go at some matches on his own without being in a group.
  4. They act flamboyant but I have never been a fan of it. It is just annoying. lol
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  5. THEY....ARE...Uncomfortably.... Weird in my book. :emoji_confused: lol
  6. Umm....I know what you mean, it seems....lifeless. I believe there are no great storylines for this division and that sucks because in the past, your favorite superstar(s) could form great tag teams and factions like Rock N Sock Connection or Brothers of Destruction. To me a lot of the stories created these days are too short or lackluster, this could be to a number of reasons: still trying to work on make the wrestler better as an all around superstar, the lack of talented superstars on the roster especially since the split, stories that make no sense, the repetitive matches AND stories lol. It's an ongoing process as you can see but I hope that as they're figuring out what works better versus what doesn't, that WWE develops stronger stories and smarter performances. I'm new, don't beat me up for any of this lol.
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  7. If this isnt a winning post, then I dnt know what is! Lol. I agree with everything u just said..
  8. Thanks, I try to really understand WWE since I have a love for the shows and action like any other fan does.
  9. And Ur A Roman Reigns Fan I see?
    Awsome! Welcome to the Forum Btw. Hope u enjoy and stick around a long time. :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Now as far as The New Day smh..... there's a lot I can say about this team since day one (no ish lol get it?). was quite the best idea especially when they confused the fans with having like this preachy, church vibe in the beginning. Then when they finally debuted in dress clothes and that entrance with the choir singing (THAT THEY KEPT BTW smh lol), they were like heels fighting against being overlooked and misused. Which is when lots of fans said " they're the new Nation of Domination?!?" which they could have pulled off imo. But then we look again, and they're coming with neon color outfits and talking bout unicorns and dancing and etc. So it was super-weird for me, as a grown ass Black man watching these Black wrestlers (yet again) do all this clown like behavior BUT the WWE universe embraced it and gave huge support for it plus the kids were hooked. So I say this all to say, I understand where you're coming from but they are not that bad but they do need to lose a few things to make them a better tag team like: booty shaking moves, Xavier always saying "hunn-ty" or honey, certain inappropriate gestures and sayings and anything else that make them come across too goofy and sometimes like a gay throuple (not that there's anything wrong if they truly are).
  11. I hope to last long here, we shall see and thanks
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  12. Perhaps they should try going for a more Appropriate/ Mature Gimmick instead of what they hv now? When and WHY did they even become a group? Somehow I missed that.
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  13. Exactly! And THE PERFECT timing was last year's WWE Battleground when they faced The Wyatt Family and Xavier kept getting mesmorized by looking in Bray's eyes. That would have been the perfect time to have Xavier turn against Kofi and Big E, breaking up The New Day or The Wyatt Family turning The New Day into heels or whatever.
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  14. I missed that Episode. (I dnt hv cable, hvnt had any for bout 7 yrs.)
  15. There are no story lines in the WWE fullstop.

    Well...we could never be
  16. Yes and no, I mean they try to give these small-detailed stories like: Mahal & Orton, Lana & Naomi, Breezango & The Usos, etc.
  17. I don't consider those feuds to have "proper" stories behind them.

    Mahal vs. Orton has basically been the same one note since Jinder
    became the number 1 contender.

    Naomi vs. Lana wasn't a was 2 women having 3 matches...
    2 of which ending in Lana being squashed.
    Breezango vs. The Usos...wasn't that just 2 flamboyant fashion minded
    men fighting 2 thuggish Samoans?

    To me personally....these are not stories...

    In fact the last time the WWE started telling a story I was interested
    in was the slow heel turn Sasha banks was going through...but...wait...
    fuck all that build up and the possibilities of an epic Sasha vs. Bayley
    Rd.3 for the RAW women's comes Alexa Bliss...who can
    talk and has a cute ass and doesn't mind showing it off. Forget all
    that build up and just give her the title, let her bury Bayley and let her
    talk and talk and talk and show off her mediocre wrestling skills.

    Rant over.
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  18. Yes I totally agree with you, I was just stating it from the perspective of how the WWE serves it. I could go off on a tangent and completely shit on the mistakes they've made with the last 3 years or more but I'm trying to be more open-minded as of late. So yes you sir are correct!!
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  19. Why thank you kind Sir...

    I don't think anyone has ever declared "I'm Correct" around here...