Tag Team Challengers?

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  1. Primo & Epico successfully defended their WWE Tag Team Titles in a pre-WrestleMania Triple Threat Match against The Usos and Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd, bringing their reign past 80 days.

    With so many possibilities in the WWE Tag Team division, who will be the next wave of challengers? WWE.com looks toward the horizon and presents a list of possible tag team combinations - some conceivable and some unusual - that could depose the current champions.

    Click here to see the Tag Teams

    Some are pretty badass imo.
  2. Bryan and Christian would be epic as are Kidd and Gabriel and Jericho and Punk in an MVP / Hardy storyline would be so much awesome. Especially if they both were desperate to get the pin to prove themselves as the better man.
  3. Otunga and Mark Henry needs to be a tag team.
  4. There was a thread about what tag teams could be made that would revamp the division a few weeks ago on here, some of them were epic. Will try and find it.

    All of them would be awesome besides A-RI and Ryan and Swagger and Mahal.

    Thread here - http://wweforums.net/showthread.php?tid=2060&highlight=Tag+teams
  5. Lol at the R-truth's partner.
  6. WWE doesn't care bout this division nothing will change despite there being a wealth of teams available to reignite this division.
  7. What about a final epic tag title run for brothers of destruction with masked kane? Eh! what u guys think
  8. BOD is not happening, Taker is jusy doing WM's 'till he can't do them anymore.

    But the teams that WWE made are pretty sick, right?
  9. "With so many possibilities in the WWE Tag Team division, who will be the next wave of challengers?"

  10. The only real team in the tag team division apart from the Usos and the champs are Reks and Hawkins. Which if you ask me would make a pretty darn cool set of tag team champs.
  11. They're awesome.

    I'd love to add Rey & ADR and Riley & Heel Truth.
  12. ADR and Rey would be a great addition.
  13. Whatever happened to that rumor that wen't around a couple weeks ago of Del Rio and Ricardo training and preparing for a tag team run? I was looking forward to that like Otunga waits for coffee.
  14. It wasn't a rumour, it was just someone speculating because they tag-teamed in one house show.
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