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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by RoyalRaven, Jan 27, 2014.

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  1. So with the new Tag Team Champions the New Age Outlaws, who do you think will be the next TTC?

    I'm personally hoping for the Prime Time Players or The Uso's, as both teams are entertaining.

    Who would you select to be tag team champions?
  2. The Uso's.

    They are totally winning that on the 'Mania 30 Pre-Show. I also predict that there will be 2 matches on the Pre-Show for 'Mania. Just gonna put that out there.
  3. It seems like they're pushing more towards The Usos at this point considering they were both in the Rumble match and have been in many six man tag team matches lately. However, I'd love to see the Primetime Players get another push since I really enjoy watching them in the ring.
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  4. bring back the rock n roll express and put the straps on them
  5. Demolition plz
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  6. I would love to see The Usos become the tag team champions :yay:
  7. Nowinski and Otunga - Havard's Vanilla Chocolate
  8. The Usos are definitely the next champs.
  9. Such a great signature
  10. The Usos are the top babyface tag team after the Rhodes. Wrestlemania is the time for their big tag team title win, me thinks.
  11. will the outlaws hold the titles all the way to WM??
  12. Probably. Almost certainly. Hopefully.

    The Rhodes will probably get another rematch (possibly at EC) since Lesnar interrupted their one last night, in which case they'll fail to recapture the belts and tension will start to build between them (since they're slated to face one another at Wrestlemania and all.) Meanwhile, the Outlaws will get their 'one last run' as a team by being allowed to hold the straps from now to Mania imo.
  13. I want the Real Americans to win the titles next.
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