Tag Team Division Saviors: The GingerBore Men

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 28, 2013.

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    It seems to be that these two are going to be a somewhat regular team. I think it is actually a good thing. Gives name recognition to the tag team division, provides the shield with a team of strongly booked faces to feud with and the odd couple dynamic between the two could be decent (not as good as Hell No, obviously).

    What do you guys think? Is WWE trying to convince us that these two are a team now? That's what I took the match against Rhode Scholars last night as, and I expect they will be the next challengers for the tag belts.
  2. Ehn, it's just a way for one of them to turn heel.
  3. I'm with Christian, maybe after loses they get angry with the other and Orton finally turns heel
  4. I don't mind them forming a tag-team partnership but 'Celtic Vipers' is the worst thing I've ever heard.
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  5. It's a way of leaving a change of turning any of them. Orton might turn on sheamus or the other way round. It's a wise decision
  6. I have no issue with it either because they already have a built in partnership of sorts from the past few months, and it's not like either guy has done anything particularly interesting as a singles guy the entire year thus far anyway. Have Team Hell No finish up their rivalry with The Shield while Orton/Sheamus attack and destroy people like Rhodes Scholars and perhaps 3MB to build up to a tag team title feud between them and Rollins/Reigns.

    The best thing about all of this, if reports are to be believed, is that because they're supposed to feud later in the year, them being thrown together again is almost complete certainty now that one of them is finally turning heel. I know Orton wants to go heel in real life (once again, if reports are to be believed) but I still think they'd be silly to turn one of their biggest baby faces heel when a guy like Sheamus doesn't get anything like the reactions Orton does. If anything, attacking a popular face like Orton or leaving him behind during a tag team match is a sure way to get Sheamus extra heat.
  7. Yeah, why not. Beats what they were doing previously.

  8. Yea that's the issue. Nobody is going to boo Orton for turning on Sheamus, who most dislike anyhow. Sheamus would have to be the one of the pair to turn IMO, which might not be all that bad. Sheamus wasn't bad as a heel.
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