Tag Team Fantasy Warfare

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. What tag teams of the 80's/90's would make epic matches vs tag teams from 2000's/current?

    Example: Rhodes Scholars vs The Rockers
  2. The Hardy Boyz Vs. MCMG
  3. The Steiners vs Rhodes Scholars
  4. Road warriors vs PTPers

    Steiners vs Beer Money

    Steve Williams and terry Gordy vs hell no

    Arn and Ole Anderson vs Rhodes Scholars
  5. Rockers vs MCMG
    Beer Money vs The Hart Foundation
    Kaz/Daniels vs NOA
  6. Dudley Boyz vs Road Warriors
    Mexicools vs Hardy Boyz
  7. Can't believe i didn't say this

    Too Cool vs 3mb
  8. Headshrinkers vs The Usos


    Fabulous Rougeau Brothers vs La Resistance


    Hart Foundation vs Edge/Christian vs British Bulldogs in a TLC match :fap::fap::fap:
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