Tag Team Loop Hole for Brian Myers and Trevor Lee

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Sep 25, 2015.

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    When Team TNA defeated Team GFW at #WinnerTakeAll we thought we had seen the last of anyone from GFW, however, impactwrestling.com has learned that is not the case. See, Trevor Lee and Brian Myers are former TNA World Tag Team Champions and as a result have an automatic rematch clause.

    TNA doesn’t want any lingering issues with GFW of Jeff Jarrett so the rematch has been scheduled for Bound For Glory on Sunday, October 4th in Charlotte. Even though the way Lee and Myers won the titles was completely shady.

    Former TNA Wrestler, the disgruntled Magnus, gave Jeff and Karen Jarrett his Feast or Fired Tag Team Championship Briefcase that Jeff and Karen orchestrated into Lee and Myers becomes Champions.

    The Wolves righted that wrong and became TNA World Tag Team Champions for an incredible 5th time, but that rematch clause is still hanging around. Can Eddie and Davey rid TNA of Myers and Lee once and for all? Find out at Bound For Glory.



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