Summerslam tag team plans for summerslam

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  2. 3way title match will be horrible. I assume PTP will get a loss because the 2000 replays they show per episode will have one include the fact they had AW as their manager. Primo and Epico have done nothing but job for months now, so it looks like no title change. Might as well make it the preshow trash, as it is definitely a disappointment.
  3. Just keep it one on one :((
  4. So both the winners and losers of the #1 contender's match challenge for the titles? :lol1:
  5. I don't mind, it makes the match more epic if done properly. Last time they did this though was a few PPV's a go on the pre-show with amazing wrestlers and a four-way tag-team match and it flopped, there was nothing. So I hope this is better.
  6. make it a TLC match and then ill be interested!
  7. I'll agree that match quality will probably improve. I just think it's another gap in logic, but there are benefits of course. Maybe PTP challenges on a weekly show, Epico & Primo interfere and we have the three way with Young & O'Neil walking away with the titles? I'm OK with that.
  8. Actually not that illogical. Kofi and truth attacked AW after being provoked. Letting PTP win the #1 contendership via DQ. Epico and Primo can thus call AW cheating into fact and thus they have a right to partake in the match since the number 1 contender wasn't settled the right way.
  9. I don't see the point in worrying about anything concerning the tag team division, we all know it won't be good, whatsoever.... At least until drastic measures have been taken.
  10. Prime Time Players better win. I think they could make the tag team division look good if they win the championships and keep it for a few months, defending it properly, making a proper feud with The Usos, and could be in a good storyline involving a couple of other teams, maybe Primo and Epico since messing with their manager could get Prime Time Players some heat again.
  11. I like this idea Vince.
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