TLC Tag-Team Title Match Announced

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. Rhodes brothers are likely to retain. Rey and Show should become a permenant team.
  2. Wow Rey and Show teaming up would be great
  3. Wow another big FU to The Uso's!!
  4. a ladder match would be cool i can just picture big show lifting rey up to grap the titles
  5. Kinda confused on why this isn't a ladder match.
  6. Why in the WORLD is Rybaxel getting a title shot? Does WWE feel sorry for them or something?
  7. Why does the Bland Brothers featuring RyShit getting a title shot? Replace with Usos', add ladders and MOTN.
  8. Rhodes brothers = bland brothers? :dafuq:
  9. No, Axel and Ryback.
  10. Ryback and Axel have had two non-title wins over Rhodes bros recently, I think
  11. Still, they are Bland, boring, Ryback is a terrible worker, non existent mic skills, no reason to team etc.
  12. They became a team after being dumped by Heyman. Ryback, Axel, Big Show and Rey have nothing planned for them as singles competitors so I like the fact WWE is using them in this way, which is much better than being made to look absolute dogshit like Kofi.
  13. But Kofi sucks.

    Big Show and Rey as a team works, big man and little man.
  14. Yeah, I know, that's what I said.
  15. Fuck I forgot about that BS. Shows how much the wins mean to me lol
  16. Slap the Usos in the match make it an elimination tornado tag....MOTY candidate
  17. This Rybaxel thing reminds me of the Bromans in TNA. Do both companies truly think the tag belts mean this little to the fans that are watching? If you want to use this tag team as a way to cool off Ryback and Axel to help you forget just how much damage that's been dealt to them, that's perfectly fine. Don't think it will work, but it's fine. But you can't have these guys be such worthless jobbers for so many months before they beat the tag champs and think that makes them a viable threat. BUILD THEM UP! You did a good job with the Real Americans, doing stuff like the Cesaro Swing to make the fans talk about how impressive Cesaro is and giving them plenty of nice victories. Good job with them... but oh boy, what a waste that Big Show storyline turned out to be. LOL
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    So much hate.

    Ryback aside this will be a very high quality match. Axel is a solid wrestler and so are all others in that ring (except Ryback)
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