Tag team to be repackaged

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Aug 18, 2013.

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  1. Sescoops.
  2. We need more face tag teams so this is good news I think.
  3. Like The Usos? That went well.
  4. Meh, Never liked the team, Would dislike them even more.
  5. Honestly, yes. The Usos are on TV regularly now. Just because they didn't pick the belts off the Shield doesn't mean the repackaging didn't work. They are more over now than before at least and getting regular TV time. Its a start.
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  6. Well, they lack face teams so that's alright.
  7. The fact that they're slapping a new gimmick on them and hyping their debut is a good sign, I suppose. Means they actually are giving serious thought into doing something with them.
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  8. May as well ask the question we're all thinking: Will Rosa still be jiggling around?
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  9. I don't know what to think of the gimmick but I do know that Primo & Epico are a pretty decent tag team, so we'll see if they can play this matador gimmick good.​
  10. Weird Gimmick. Hyped because it has to do with Spain. Not my faves wrestlers out there
  11. Btw, is this a strategy to stop the OLE!?
  12. That vignette last night had me nearly rolling around laughing. I like The Colons as a team so if this new gimmick gets them more air time then why not? It might be funny too.
  13. This will most likely be fun. I hope they change to full on lucha masks with matador decorations (like on their jackets) though. I think that would look better.
  14. The repackaging could work. At least it seems like the WWE is taking more time on their tag team division and attempting to fix/change things that weren't working. The least they can do is try this matador gimmick and see if it works out.
  15. No problems with it glad the Tag division getting some love atm. An no idea why Jonathan thinks The Usos repackage hasn't gone well as it has they are popular and the second most popular team if u ask me.
  16. Henry Show, Usos, PTPs, Tons of Funk
  17. I can't wait. The gimmick just seems that it's gonna get over instantly, especially with the South American demographic.

    They seem destined to feud with Real Americans right away, which is fine with me as it could turn out pretty well, and we get to see more of Cesaro!
    One thing that has me wondering, will the WWE acknowledge that they're former tag champs?
  18. Yeah, didn't expect PTP to turn, normally forget TOF exist for some reason and hadn't registered Henry Show as a tag team yet. My mistake.

    But yeah, curious about how their new gimmick is going to play out and such. Although I'm pretty sure they only have that kinda stuff in Spain.
  19. WWE deserve some props because the tag division is pretty deep atm.
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