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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Chris1990slater, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. Ok so the writers have given you a job of picking the next big tag team in the WWE, who do you pick?
    I say Jericho and punk team up after summerslam and create team "Best in the the world" at everything they do! :jericho:
    Maybe even see the miz join to make it a group?
    Any more ideas? :dawg:
  3. Michael Cole & Booker T. Can you quote it, SUCKA?
  4. Really? Id like to see riley and ryder team up instead.:serious:

  5. that would also be cool :win:
  6. Justin/Heath. <3
  7. I think DB and CM Punk teaming up and eventually taking on Cole and Kane, after AJ choses Cole over DB and Punk leaving them both royally pissed.
  8. Gabriel and Slater fkin sucked, Damien Sandow & Cm Punk, Straight Edge saviors of the unwashed masses.
  9. Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio cementing a face turn for Berto.
  10. Push Reks and Hawkins!
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  11. Push The Ascension!
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  12. :win:
  13. Alberto and Mysterio (face)
    Miz and Riley (face)

    Push rek and hawkins (heel)
    Kane and tensai managed by AJ (heel)

    Pushing one good tag team is impossible when they haven't established any of the current teams. They need to influx the division with a couple of newly formed teams, maybe make an 8 team tourney for the number 1 contender after the ptpers get their shot.
  14. I liked them all apart from the former.

    Though I'd prefer Miz in the ME atm.
  15. What are the tag teams they currently have? Kofi & Truth, PTP, Usos, Epico & Primo, Reks & Hawkins, Ascension (NXT)... that's it right? Not really sure, but I'd like to see the Del Rio/Mysterio team that was suggested.
  16. Defiantly in need of new tag teams... Being back carlito and pair him up with well anyone... He's that good.

    Put drew in a team as well...
    So many underused stars....

  17. Well considering this time a year ago WWE had none of those teams (Kofi and Bourne were the only team along with maybe Jolph Swiggler IIRC) it seems they are actually putting forth some effort (albeit the minimal amount possible) to try and fix up the tag division at least somewhat.

    What WWE really needs to do is bring in/push some of the great Indie tag teams. I can't believe how fucking stupid they were to not keep Castagnoli & Hero together.. those two should be the tag team champions right now and actually getting a push along with TV time. Instead now we have some unknown fuck Kassius Ohno in FCW and a dude named Cessaro on SD jobbing to Layla & Khali in mixed tag matches. #wwelogic
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  18. But...... He's very European

  19. Wade Barrett and Chris Jericho
    Ryback and Sin Cara(power and speed)
    Daniel Bryan and Tyson Kidd
    Damien Sandow and Drew McIntyre
  20. They mentioned teaming him with Swagger earlier in the year, but that sounds just as ridiculous as that pointless tag title run with Rhodes that started his burial. (It was a step away from obscurity for Cody)

    On NXT, they showed Alex Riley and Percy Watson playing basketball together, and they tagged together a few times in a feud with Young and O'Neil. Their characters are similar, so them teaming together actually makes sense. Novel concept, I know. Santino and Brodus could make an entertainment team (and combine their screentime), Bateman and Ryder would be an awesome combination.

    @Leo C: Hunico and Camacho, plus that other team (Corey Graves and somebody) who debuted on NXT.
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