Tag-teams be used on SmackDown?

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  1. Last week on SmackDOwn we had a Big Show squash match and a Mark Henry squash match, if they're desperate for matches why not have the tag-team titles defended on 2 SmackDowns a year, and have them compete with different teams every single week for number one contenders and stuff?

    The one benefit of having a second lower brand is to showcase the talent that can't get on to RAW because of big-nosed HHH taking up 30 minutes by himself. Remember that RAW a month ago when there was a triple threat tag-team match fro the title I think, that was one of the best RAW's of the year.

    You have a pair of talented wrestlers in Epico & Primo, they're fun to watch, but they can't get over if they're not even going to compete weekly.
  2. Because that makes sense and isn't #wwelogic
  3. That's what NXT is for.

  5. NXT doesn't give the tag teams enough exposure though.

    I think the SD idea would work as it'd give tags the exposure required and start to get the casual wrestling fam back into tag team action.
  6. OH, so you're looking at this from a logical perspective. Silly Cloud.
    They're using NXT for that, but as you say that means nothing.

    Personally, I don't want tag-team wrestling back until they get away from the set-in-stone tag team match formula they have of "Heels isolate face and beat him down for most of the match, face gets in hope spot, teases hot tag, heels beat him down more, face gets another hope spot and gets the hot tag to the partner who cleans house, he goes for his finisher, illegal heel runs in to run interference, illegal face throws him over the top rope, face goes for finisher again, and it's either reversed or hit."

    WWE: Do something different.
  7. LOL at the underlined :emoji_slight_smile:

    And yeah I agree with ur statement that they need to step away from the above mentioned format of tag team wrestling.

    Main reason I want changes is because I miss a decent tag division and feel it could help with bringing talent through.
  8. I forgot about #wwelogic


    Primo & Epico
    The Uso's
    Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks
    Tyson Kidd & Trent Barretta
    Kofi Kingston & R-Truth

    Five right there. All of them are good wrestlers.

    @[Draine] your signature is the best thing I've seen on this site.
  9. Haha, happy to help! Not only do I agree with you, but I agree with Anxiety's post above. A tag division could be a great way to showcase talent, and having something involving it on SD every week (and Raw once HHH goes away) but we know WWE can't do it right.

    Trivia question: Including the ones at least in storylines on NXT right now, how many tag-teams does WWE have right now? +1 rep for the first person to guess correctly.

    And also, what were the tag names given to Dolph & Swagger by Vickie on Twitter, and the ones given to Kofi and Dolph by Little Jimmy (according to Stanford) on Superstars? +1 like for either of those.

    Thanks, Anxiety! Not changing it any time soon. (Edit: Only a like for the tag names)
  10. I know Dolph and Swagger was American Perfection.
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  11. Wish I knew this.

  12. Didn't get my user rating from Draine. Going to file a scam report now.
  13. He said like? Meaning ur post not user rating!

  14. Great, now I feel like JeebaK again.
  15. LMAO thats twice in two days!

  16. With all The Miz love you look like him too.
  17. I posted "rep" at first, then changed it to like, and pointed it out.

    That's extra incentive to see how long it takes a moderator of a wrestling forum to figure out how many freaking tag teams this company has.
  18. I didn't research that, but I'd have to to realise. I only know like 5 or 6 myself.
  19. I know two Air Boom i'd say currently defunct and the USO's
  20. Anxiety, you know six, I believe. You listed five earlier and forgot "American Perfection."

    There's a feud on NXT where Titus O'Neil (who was teaming with Percy Watson) turned heel to join his longtime rival Darren Young (team #7). Since then, Percy's been looking at his fellow "sports star" buddy, Alex Riley as an equalizer.

    That makes eight teams, but nobody knows this because only three of them are used on TV. #wwelogic