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  1. So are they trying to make the tag division better or not?
    I remember HHH saying he was like over a year ago but I don't see much improvement. :bury:
  2. Danny and I will tag team dat ass
  3. Tag teams are certainly getting more time and exposure on RAW now than say a few months ago.

    The Real Americans are often given matches, as are the Usos and the PTPs. They're even showing vignettes for the Los Matadores, suggesting they could be pushed.

    There's more competition and prestige in the tag-team titles than going for the IC or US belts IMO.
  4. >More screen time
    >More teams
    >Belt on the team who's teaming up with the bosses
    >More gimmicks on teams
    I think they've improved a hell of a lot over a year ago, unless we are watching different shows.
  5. Well, it's not as if we can't see any noticeable improvements. The Usos have been repackaged and are very over at the moment. Primo and Epico are being repackaged and reintroduced as the Los Matadores and are being hyped up with vignettes, which suggests wanting to do something important with them. PTP are an entertaining tag team that have just recently turned face. The Real Americans are a good team with a good manager as a mouth piece. Rollins and Reigns obviously won't be a tag team forever, but they're one right now and they make up two-thirds of a dominant trio and are the champions. Tons Of Funk are a jobber tag team, as is any two man combination of 3MB but jobber tag teams (just like individual jobbers) still serve their purpose. Rowan and Harper are part of the Wyatt Family who are being pushed hard at the moment. Don't be surprised to see whoever defeats Rollins and Reigns to just easily transition the belts over to them. There's always the building of brand new tag teams as time goes along.

    Count me in as someone who is more optimistic about the tag team division right now than the mid card division as it relates to treating the IC and US Titles as if they mean anything.
  6. Things seem to be heating up. With PTP building momentum, Real Americans becoming a full time team, Usos over, Los Matadores now too, you know, it's alright. Plus Rollins and Reigns as champs is pretty good. Compared to what we normally have it's decent.
  7. The Tag Team division is thriving at the moment, and I'm happy about this. I've always enjoyed a good tag team, maybe even a stable, so having great teams like The Usos and PTP, and stables like The Shield around just brings joy to my heart.

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy singles competition as well. But I can't help but love a good tag team.
  8. The tag team division is going good, ever since Team Hell No and The Shield made us care and ever since, we've seen plenty of tag teams like The Usos, PTP, The Real Americans get time on both RAW and Smackdown and I'm excited for the next tag teams that will challenge Reigns and Rollins; Show and Henry (TEAM THAT'S WHAT WE SHOW) and Los Matadores or whatever they call themselves.
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