Tag title triple threat set for HIAC

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  2. I assume they can't just use the tag script on this one. How will the triple-threat work?

    If they don't screw it up we probably have an MOTYC on hour hands.
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  3. The Usos must win for the sake of the tag-team division. The Shield were terrible as champions, and Cody needs to return to being a singles competitor while Goldust goes away.

    Wouldn't mind Usos as transitional champions until the Real Americans get the belts.
  4. This feels like it's going to be an awesome, fast paced match.
  5. To be honest, Rhodes Brother losing the title in under two weeks. It should be like distraction caused by The Real Americans to disadvantage the Usos then Rollins goes for the pin, Cody kicks out tags Goldust and The Rhodes brothers retain.
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  6. I personally want the Usos to win this one. I know that the Rhodes brothers are still on fire, but Cody needs to be on his own and Goldust still has plenty of gas in the tank, I would put him in a midcard feud with Dean for the time being. I wouldn't mind the Usos keep going a the Shield for a bit longer, then moving on to other teams like the Real Americans or any other team.
  7. We could have two MOTYCs on our hands at HiaC in this and Bryan/Orton. I guess both rely on WWE giving them enough time/not having too much fuckery respectively.
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  8. This is going to be a red hot match. I'm glad the Usos finally get their title shot, whether or not they've win. They were #1 contenders for 2 or 3 months before Cody/Dust came in and won the titles.
  9. I can see this match go one first. And if they get the right amount of time they can set this show of to a great start. 3 excellent teams with good-great workers. The tornado stip only sweetens it.
  10. Wait, this is a tornado match? Ohhhhhhhh baby! :win:

    There definitely could be. Assuming someone actually wins this match (there really HAS to be a winner here) Bryan/Orton could easily be an MOTYC. And hell, even Cena and Del Rio could really do something special together, and the fallout from Punk/Heyman should be fun as long as that feud wraps up.

    Haven't been watching lately so am really stunned by just how special this card looks. They really have something great here (and a Divas' match too)
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  11. WWE is on quite a roll lately. I'm excited for the show.
  12. Another serious MOTN candidate. They're trying to push the tag team championshit imo
  13. With the matches set right now HIAC is possibly the sleeper show of the year from a pure match standpoint. Despite being a throwaway show.
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  14. Damn, totally forgot about Cena/Del Rio. Their most recent (I think) match on a Smackdown show was really good from what I remember. Plus a fresh and fully motivated Cena is likely to deliver.Hopefully the Punk/Heyman stuff will be out the way after this, surely it has to be?!

    But yeah, what a show this promises to be. Would be typical of WWE to follow up two of the worst PPVs this year with one of the best.
  15. What made the last shows the "two worst shows of the year"?
  16. I think (and I hope) this match would be pretty good
  17. Tornado match? :awyeah:
  18. I swear WWE puts more effort into these gimmick PPV's than their big four. This show looks quite unmissable at the moment. Two potential MOTYC's and actual importance and emphasis on the tag-team division? Woah.
  19. They're worried after the god awful standards of the last two PPVs and don't want anymore "refend" chants. Should be a great PPV.
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  20. The tag division has been important for a while.
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