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  1. At a certain post count or amount of NP, it would be cool if we could get our own taggable smiley... say for example instead of just tagging Xanth, we could just use the :xanth: smiley and he'd get the notification. Could make things feel like more of a conversation between friends with our custom face involved.

    What do you guys think?
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  2. Doubt that's possible. This tagging plugin is still new. It only works for usernames.
  3. Not sure if tagging a smiley is possible, or probable I should say. It's a neat idea for legends perhaps, but I don't really think it's realistic.
  4. I know it's idiotic but why wouldn't :@name: work?
  5. Let's try it.


    edit. Nope, doesn't work.
  6. @Xanth
    : @Xanth :
  7. Wow, did this make you mess up the tagging system, or did uninstalling the app do that?

    Either way, I suggest that you reinstall the tags
  8. Tags were never uninstalled. We upgraded our version of MyAlerts (notifications), but the mention plugin (tagging) does not work with it yet. We need to wait until the developer updates the mention plugin to work with our version of notifications.
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  9. Alrighty, suitable explanation. Thank you mister Crayo.
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