Tagging works again.

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. We've updated the tagging plugin to the new version which works with MyAlerts 1.0.4, and everyone has it enabled by default (no need to change your settings, that doesn't work atm).

    To tag someone:

    If the user you are trying to tag has a space in their name, make sure you remember the quotation marks!

    @"Username With Spaces"
    You will receive a notification whenever someone has tagged you. You will no longer receive notifications when someone quotes a user that has tagged you, that bug has been fixed. You also will only receive one notification even if someone tags you a 100 times (instead of 100 notifications), that too was fixed in this update.
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  3. @"Respect Gohan6425" Come back to bed :ryan:
  4. @ Jonathan
  5. @Crayo + @Xanth = @niggaswag
  6. @"Lady Deathbane" damn
  7. Put yo' hands up! :woo1:
  8. @"Big Hoss Rambler"

    dam it. :okay:

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    Good to know that they fixed those on the update. The quote one was getting annoying.
  9. @xanth .
  10. @crayo @crayo @crayo @crayo @crayo @crayo @crayo @crayo @crayo
    @crayo @crayo @crayo @crayo @crayo @crayo @crayo @crayo @crayo

    That's for taking it away! :tough: #WeedThePeople
  11. Damn... I didn't read it all :downer:
  12. @Crayo .
  13. I didn't finish reading the OP so my plan was foiled! :nogusta:
  14. Lol'd
  15. :upset:

    My plan was foiled! ABORT! ABORT! :angry:
  16. Worth it.
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