WrestleMania Tagline for Rock/Cena II

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. :eww: Yuck!
  2. Agreed.

    Should be Redemption against The great one or something similar IMO.
  3. Will this start people crying again like once in a lifetime did?
  4. It should be, Twice in a Life time.
  5. Rock /Cena II "We swear it wont be as bad as the first one"
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  6. Redemption? Really? Losing one fucking match hardly qualifies as a redemption story.
  7. Hey, give him a break, he had a rough year. He only main evented like 7 out of 12 of the PPVs and won the Rumble since last year's Mania.
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  8. Apparently a year good enough to get you Superstar of the Year is still bad enough to qualify as a redemption story.
  9. :lol1: Forgot about that too
  10. Don't forget that he won MITB too. :pity:
    What they are doing is embarrassing, absolutely embarrassing . :facepalm1:
  11. :awyeah: What a terrible year!
  12. But... but... he never won the title!

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    because he couldn't do a german suplex right
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  13. Rock/Cena II

    Makes terrible movies vs Makes terrible movies
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  14. Awesome, this sucks. Now I don't know if I want to watch WrestleMania, WWE lies and it might be a third match
  15. Yea winning the Royal Rumble and MITB, winning the Superstar of the year slammy award, and still a terrible year.
    Sometimes I really ask myself how are they that stupid? :facepalm1: Seriously, this degree of stupidity is unbelievable for a human brain! :obama: Are they doing this on purpose just to troll us or what? :mad2:
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  16. I like it but it makes the whole "Once In A Lifetime" match and tagline they used last year so pointless now.
  17. "We fucked it up the first time, so this time around we hope to do a better job....we're also doing this with HHH v Lesnar, but we're not hopeful."
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  18. It's safe to say this 'Mania is only aimed at those who watched last year, then haven't tuned back in.
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