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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Jonathan, Oct 20, 2014.

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  1. What's going on with tags and alerts?

    If you get tagged in a post in a thread you're watching, you don't get the alert for the tag, just the alert for the reply. Most of the time I don't look at threads unless I'm tagged in them, this really needs to be fixed.

    Also, watched forums. For example I watch the IWT Staff forum, Stopspot made a thread Saturday at 8:45pm, and I didn't get the alert for that either.

    @Solidus can you get on top of this please, missing a lot of tags for IWT shit because of this.
  2. I've looked at settings and permissions many times, I see nothing wrong.
  3. That's a plugin, not a typical forum.
  4. Ok, well can you make them work for it somehow? They've worked before so why wouldn't they work now?

    You wanted to move the groups to be like this :dawg:
  5. All I can do is file a bug report, but I don't have much to include in the report.
  6. "Alerts aren't working" should do. Or go back to the old groups, there was nothing wrong with them :dawg:
  7. Requires a lot of ugly template and plugin edits, and I had to rework the moderation queue to work as a join requests page. We use the mod queue a lot now.
  8. At least alerts worked :brock:
  9. Groups are updated, this was in the release notes,

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  10. Excellent, cheers
  11. @Solidus enable gifting in the store please
  12. I didn't get a tag when you put me up for the Christmas thing Solidus, can't remember if it has happened before, but I know its been an issue on a lot of Xenforo forums for me. Using Firefox
  13. I edited the post and tagged you, you don't get tag alerts for that, not a bug as far as I know.
  14. that did
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