Tajiri Returns to a TNA Ring; Facing Robbie E in the NYC Gold Rush

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Sep 22, 2014.

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    The Japanese Buzzsaw is one of the most lauded wrestlers to ever come from the Land of the Rising Sun. Throughout his storied career, Tajiri has held 18 championships across the globe. Most recently, he made his IMPACT debut, teaming with Austin Aries to take on James Storm and The Great Sanada. Now, Tajiri makes his return to the IMPACT ring to compete in the NYC Gold Rush Tournament.

    His opponent is former TNA World Tag Team Champion (and upcoming Amazing Race participant) Robbie E. Robbie enters the match, hungry for another opportunity at TNA Gold after losing the Tag Titles to The Wolves earlier this year. The question is: should Robbie E win the tournament, would he use his title shot to go after the Heavyweight or X Titles? Or will he and Jessie go after the Tag Titles one more time?

    This is a can't-miss matchup, so tune-in (or set your DVR) to Spike TV this Wednesday at 9/8c!


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