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  1. What's up friendssss!
    Today i'm so happy that cena beat russev.. Did you see the smile of cena when he was going back... The one man army... Rise above hate.... Never give up
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  2. He didn't "beat" rusev. He just choked him out until he tapped. But there was no match. The match is now set at mania for the U.S. Title. Cena did this to earn his spot at mania.
  3. We've been clamoring for that Cena heel turn for ages. Did not see it coming honestly.
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  4. What are you talking about?
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  5. He attacked a man, choked him out and forced his manager to agree to his terms under threat of force. That's a heel/villain thing to do.
    Rusev's character's opinion of America aside, Cena just committed a hostage situation to force his way. Had that been any other character it would have been a heel turn.
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  6. When did Cena beat Rusev? Last i checked Rusev made him pass out at Fast Lane and he'll likely do the same thing at WrestleMania.
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  7. Cena whooped Rusev's ass for sure. Sent him packing back to the United Federation Of Russian Planets and shit.

    Cena was like Dalton in Road House.

    Be nice until it's time to not be nice.
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  8. Beat his ass, not beat him in a match.
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  9. Cena becoming to OG for me. Glad to see him be more aggressive
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  10. I really want John Cena become a US champion at WM 31 ! That would be cool and btw he would be first to beat Rusev by pin or submission.
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  11. Cena's beating Rusev at WM 31, that's like 110% certain.
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  12. Yes but he warned him. And let him know that he would hurt him if he spoke about America. Rusev blaintely didn't care and said it any way. Not saying it wasn't a "heel" tactic per say. But it was different. His justification was a fair warning.. He didn't just come and attack him for seemingly no reason.
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  13. Warning him does not justify the level of response. Cena could just as well have just chased Rusev off. But he resorted to physical violence and threats.
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  14. Lol everyone heel or face resorts to that stuff. It's wrestling. They still fight.. Chasing him off? Like he's not going to hit him... Literally just chase him? Makes no sense.

    He threatened him for the sake of his country and at least gave him a warning. Rusev made a bad choice and did it any ways. Again, not saying that they couldn't have handled this differently. But Im not sure if this is "heel move" status.

    Cena was desperate. But it wasn't that bad.
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  15. It was definitely a heel move. He threatened a man, used unnecessary force on him and forced his associate to cave in to his demands. Cena utilized heel tactics.
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  16. If you are taking it out of context, sure. First off, rusev cheated and low blowed him. Then made him pass out to the accolade.

    Cena threatened to beat him up if kept talking about his country. It's not like Cena just started attacking him with no justification or reckless abandonment. Not at all.

    The force wasn't unneccessary if you ask me. All a matter of opionion. Cena didn't use a weapon, low blow him, etc... He simply beat him up and held his submission on him until he tapped out and nearly passed out much like rusev did to him. Again, he warned him.

    Lana was the one who decided to give him a title match... She didn't have to.. She could've let Cena just give him a beating and that's it.

    A true "heel turn" would be Cena turning on his fans...only fighting for himself.. And making use of any cheap tactic he can get...

    This was not the case here.
  17. 1: Not going to deny that Rusev cheated. But the fact that Cena's character doesn't have the brains to use that to get a match instead of force is just stupid.

    2: Someone talking shit about your country is not a reason to use force on them. Free speech and what not, and American media spends so much time talking shit about other countries for no reason it is only fair play.

    3: Cena attacked a man, applied a submission hold and refused to let go unless he got what he wanted, that is supervillany/Terrorism 101. Do as I say or someone dies/pays for it. Of course Lana is going to agree because her character does not want her charge injured.

    The fact remains that the John Cena character took it too far, and that is why it should be interpreted as a heel turn, because if it was any other character doing this, it would be. Babyfaces don't make heels agree to title matches by forcing them, they outsmart them, play to their egos and arrogance.

    This wasn't intended to be a heel turn but it just as well should be because of how it flipped the dynamic of antagonist and protagonist. The actions of Cena in this segment would have turned any other good guy character into a villain.
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  19. Yet there is a clear and obvious difference between the Orton and Cena cases.

    Rollins attacked Orton, took him out and kayfabe put him on the injury list for almost half a year. Rusev cheated to beat Cena in a match and insulted his country. The former justifies extreme retaliation, the latter does not.

    Orton vs Rollins is personal, a blood fued. Cena vs Rusev is far from that
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  20. Rusev low blowed Cena and then put a hold on him knocking him out... And kept the hold on deep to the point where Cena could t respond.... So just because Cena wasn't injured in the story and was only maybe close to being injured, that makes Cenas stf "attack" not needed? Hmmmmm.., opinions...

    It's personal to Cena... Who are you to say it's not?

    I'm not saying orton and Rollins is more extreme.. But cenas attack wasn't that ruthless... I thought it was fair for their feud.
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