Take Two to buy WWE game lisence.

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    WWE Video Game License To Be Acquired By Take Two Interactive, THQ Dissolving
    By Michael Bluth
    Jan 23, 2013 - 6:34:25 PM

    IGN.com is reporting that the WWE video game license is expected to be acquired by Take Two, the parent company of 2K:

    "The era of THQ wrestling games is over. Sources have indicated to IGN that the WWE game franchise will be sold to Take Two, parent company of 2K. Terms of the sale are unknown at this time, as details have not been finalized. These negotiations appear to have taken place outside THQ's formal auction process."

    THQ, the former developer of WWE's video game franchise, will be officially dissolving, with its studios, staff, licenses and other assets sold off at auction today.
    Read more at http://www.lordsofpain.net/news/wwe/THQ_Dissolging.html#GE0H2iFoExlEw0Yr.99
  2. TakeTwo to buy WWE game lisence.

    2K sports baby! TOLD ALL YA'LL! :angry:

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  3. So we're done with THQ? Wow. Unsure whether this is good or bad.
  4. Inb4 WWE 14' declared the worst wrestling video game of all time. I'm actually accustomed to the gameplay of WWE games now & I have a feeling take two is just going fuck up the whole control scheme, trying to be "different". I hope some of the game writers over there actually watch wrestling that way we can get some good storylines. Hopefully better graphics, some more CAW options, certainly better online play. WWE games are a whole different thing than what take two usually works with, so I want to have hope for this game, but I have the feeling it'll be a bust.
  5. Agree completely. Love THQ or hate them (as most people do), I had some fun playing their games, and they had experience with them, so even though the games always sort of followed the same mold, it's a good mold. What are the other wrestling games out there, TNA Impact? AAA? Those are horrible, which is why I don't really think '14 will be a good game as well.
  6. Bring back the 2D style games like the ones on Genesis, in particular, Royal Rumble and RAW :yay:
  7. :yes:

    Fuck THQ and their shitty servers.

    Hopefully this means the game will be better.
  8. Don't know how i feel about this... My biggest problem with 13 and the ones before that is that i get tired of them fast, but 2k makes NBA 2k and that had the my player mode, which is outstanding. If they could leave the core game similar and add a my career mode to it, I'd be happy as hell.

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  9. I hated THQ. Based on NBA2k games, I can see the WWE games being amazing. Also, they also own Rockstar as well as 2K sports.
  10. Last good game was HCTP
  11. Remember, they're just a publisher. Yukes will still be the guys making the game. So its bound to suck just as much, but this time with a little more financial support.
  12. Way to slap me sober from my magical drunkenness. :downer:
  13. I like to keep people grounded :otunga:
  14. YOU'RE NOT MY MOMMY! :angry: :upset:
  15. Inb4deth

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  17. Has that been confirmed yet though? I've read nothing stating that WWE games have to be developed by Yukes, in fact I'm pretty sure that's up to the publishers. For all we know, Take Two could give the project to another developer. Which would be what I'd want to happen. Actually, I think Yukes may have already started development of WWE '14. If that's the case, I'd let them finish that, and at the same time have another developer start the next installment, giving the new developers an extra year to get a hand on things without missing a year of games. Well, that's my fantasy handling of the situation anyway.
  18. Their bankruptcy clause implicated all games currently in development had to be finished by the current developers, that's including WWE '14.

    All the other THQ game studios were sold with their rights, so I'm assuming Yukes is too.

    Judging by that, I'm guessing we'll see at least WWE '14 by Yukes, and hopefully a drastic change the next game.
  19. Ah, thanks for the info. I'm hoping they go with the route I presented then, if they do have a new developer post-'14 then there going to need time to work certain things out. Giving them two years would be ideal. But this is pretty much confirming I'm skipping '14. No big deal, I still have '13, which I enjoy just fine.
  20. 2k makes arguably the best NBA games and the WORST MLB games. I'd settle for something in the middle lol.
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