Kayfabe Take what's mine.

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  1. *Chris Young walks out with a ladder and sets it up in the ring as he is handed a mic he climbs up and take a seat.*

    Chris: The revolution is upon us and at money As the bank I Will take what's mine!
    These two fools think they can take on the leader of a revolution?, I will win that title or become a martyr trying!
    I’m the star of the show and I’m going o steal the show, No one can lace up my boot I’m just that good.
    I’m just amazing and those two are just Ok.
    I will walk out to this ring and show the world why I’m the god of gods in wrestling
    These people need me As the Heavyweight Champion and if I have to kill myself trying to win, Fine.
    You're gonna need a grave boy.and when you fall down on your knees Beg for mercy, me please The time has come to make things right, I’m going to do my job and I tell you why. Because you need Chris Young, like I said before it's the Heavyweight Division. Someone to knock off Buster Gates and Alice Xander So as far as competition goes, Competition is my life. That's, what I do for a living. You know what? Competition starts at Money in the bank!
    The blood will flow as I will do anything to win hat championship!

    *Chris cracks his fists*

    : I'm the best damn wrestler around and I will climb this ladder pull down that belt and light the fire to my revolution and trust me Chris Young is Money.
    It's getting worse now with the crap around here Buster and Xander are my stepping stones maybe they can earn my respect...or not.
    It's put up or shut up time and it's time to play the last card....we are looking at the future and it's me.

    *He climbs down and leaves.*
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