Taken for granted

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  1. What are some things you personally, or you see others take for granted?
  2. Chips and cheese at the end of a night down the boozer

    Slogging in ya chops is one of the highlights of a lads life
  3. Licking balls
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  4. Let's get mushy about the whole thing.

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  5. Electricity, indoor plumbing, heating and cooling.
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  6. my own awesomeness
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  7. Magic Johnson's white blood cells
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  8. I take time for granted. I waste a lot of it doing nothing. I gotta change that.
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  9. Oxygen
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  10. Having food available to me anytime I feel like eating.
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  11. Money, when I have extra I just spend it rapidly with no remorse. It's a tragic thing, money.
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  12. Adderall
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  13. Need
  14. Cum'ere big boi :ksi:
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  15. Bodily functions and pain are taken for granted
    Pain is generally a sign your body is trying to tell you something. Don't take it granted, do something about it soon rather than later
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