News Takeover Toronto confirmed

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Sep 2, 2016.

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  1. From the big boss himself.
  2. This is a great place to do a Takeover. Hopefully we also will have a Tokyo, another London and maybe a Sydney Takeover.
  3. I mean... Dallas was one of the best TakeOvers so far IMO (along with the first Brooklyn and London) so hopefully they pull out all the stops for a new TakeOver city once again. Main roster will have to step up, but then with the first joint PPV after the brand split ones... who knows? Could be a great weekend.
  4. YES A TAKEOVER IN MY HOME COUNTRY....Oh wait...I live no where near Toronto and it would be too expensive to go....
    My reaction (open)

    But in all seriousness, this can be a great Takeover with members off the NXT roster, the always loud Canadian crowd, and the electric atmosphere.
  5. PPV in Canada, Bobby Roode on NXT roster, Nakamura Vs. Roode Confirmed!?
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  6. And I'm just here..... Waiting for a TakeOver: Santiago....
    Yeah, I'm crazy.
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  7. I guess you'll mark out when you see HHH's tweet in a few years' time that goes like this: "Witness NXT TakeOver: Santiago LIVE on Saturday, August 20th, 2022 only on the WWE Network." :hhh2:
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. This is a great idea.

    Not only does it benefit NXT with another platform and a new gimmick for their Takeover show, but it also benefits Survivor Series. It's been the weakest of the big four PPVs, and having an NXT Takeover added to the weekend makes it feel that much bigger. Hopefully they put together a good card, this year.
  10. I'mma see if I can go to this show considering I'mma go to RAW. Would have gone to Survivor Series but fucking friend forgot to get tickets and they were sold out. For someone who barely watches wrestling, I still get a joy from going to the shows.
  11. Found this on

    That's a pretty sweet logo. Looking forward to the event.
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  12. Roode vs. Nakamura seems to be likely.

    Unless they've already been booked, then I don't know.
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    The Dusty Classic ends at Toronto. So I'd imagine that will take up a lot of the booking.

    And judging by the booking on TV we're getting Joe vs Nakamura again in Toronto. Roode seems to have a set opponent as well judging by it
  14. It will happen eventually, but not at Toronto, even though TakeOver's in Roode's hometown.

    Nakamura vs Joe II will ME the show and then hopefully Joe's headed to the main roster.
  15. I don't see Roode/Nakumura happening this soon. I feel that Hideo/Nakumura is more likely to happen first.
  16. Yes. Which is why I said Nakamura/Roode will happen eventually.
  17. Roode's probably gonna fight No Way Jose at Toronto.
    Aries and Hideo.
    Then Samoa Joe Vs. Shinsuke in some gimmicks match.
  18. I meant to quote Roadie not you. Mb
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  19. Not too sure about that, as Roode already defeated Jose on TV this past week.

    And judging by recent NXT TV tapings, his opponent may very well be Tye Dillinger.

    Yeah, Aries vs Hideo and Joe vs Nak are pretty much confirmed. Looking forward to those.
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