Taker Praises Shield Backstage

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Not a reputable source, but I can see why he'd praise them. They have had a prolific start. HHH praised them as well this week on Twitter.
  2. If it is true then D-Bry and The Shield should be grateful to be praised by him.
  3. Its well deserved praise, All 4 are tremendous workers.
  4. Well deserved praise, they've been some of the best matches in the most recent PPV's.
  5. No more deserving individuals of his support. Nice.
  6. Not surprising, I expect Undertaker to be impressed by them. They put on great shows with Taker and without. Hope Taker is giving them some tips, and helping them out some more before he leaves. Shield and Bryan deserve the respect from Undertaker, and it's no surprise he'd gives it when it's due. I just hope that they all continue to work hard and put on tons of entertaining matches to go, since they're young and have a good few years to showcase their talent and get some career highlights, before it's their turn to put the young talent over.
  7. Very nice to see, all of them indeed deserve praise.
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