Taker upset at Slammys

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SFAeroTaker, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. It's not that Taker didn't return (like I'd expect him to this early anyway) but Taker vs. Punk did NOT win match of the year and I, along with the millions of Taker fans wanna know...why and how? Why didn't this match win and how didn't it win? [​IMG]

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  2. Rhodes Brothers vs The Shield should've won
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  3. Business. Taker/Punk was better than Rock/Cena, but Rock/Cena was more memorable in WWE's eyes and was more money worth.
  4. I was hoping Undertaker/Punk or Rhodes Brothers/Shield would have won, but they're probably pushing for yet another Cena/Rock match. Regardless of what some feel about The Rock and Cena now, they're a great sell for a lot of the fanbase and get a lot of attention for their matches. There's a reason why Cena sells so much merchandise and why The Rock is so well known in the entertainment industry. Both are very marketable and I'm sure that's why they won.
  5. Brock vs Punk wasn't even nominated. Bigger upset imo
  6. Taker vs Punk was boring to me. Rhodes vs Shield was much better
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  7. To me, that match felt like it should've been on RAW or Smackdown..
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  8. Brock/Punk should have easily won, and that match wasn't even nominated.

    Figured Rock/Cena would win considering it was the main event of Wrestlemania. That makes it the most important match out of all of them, so of course WWE is gonna hand the award to that one.
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  9. i'm sorry, Rhodes family winning vs the shield was not only a great match, but BY FAR the best story told in a while. It was amazing.
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  10. 1000% agreed. Undertaker vs Punk was a good match, but not a jaw dropper. There was nothing to it. I didn't believe Punk would win, doubt anyone but kids did. When I watched him vs HHH there was a chance so it made that match more amazing. Not to mention, the history. The Rhodes vs Shield match though was amazing. Didn't need any extra to be a great match.
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  11. Come on guys; Rock vs Cena didn't win last year! Maybe because there's a title involved...

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  12. >WWE Championship
    >Royal Rumble Winner
    >Current biggest draw in WWE
    >Famous movie star

    From a business point of view, this was the best match all year. In terms of technical wrestling it was very poor.
  13. WWE need some biggest all time great wrestlers like stone cold,rock,hhh etc. current wwe line up is very poor. wwe should create new nexus with WB and give them main event match with the shield.
  14. Misleading title.

    Rhodes Vs Shield was better all round.
  15. How is the current line up "poor", WWE has picked up some of the best of the indies and the young talent is through the roof, why would you want to see occasional mediocre matches from Rock and HHH and see Austin work under countless injuries?
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  16. we
    wwe needs new wrestlers LIKE
  17. Still why would you want the same guys again when you have all this talent?
  18. Some massively rigged votes imo at the Slammy's was surprised Bryan managed to get two tbh expected the WWE screw to continue.
  19. i dont know, maybe because i am missing those stars. + i want something new :tyson:
  20. I'm a Shield hater. I HATE the Shield so damn much, words cannot describe it. And I don't like the Rhodes very much. So I hated the Rhodes vs Shield match; it didn't really appeal to me either. I'm a huge fan of Taker so, of course I'd lean toward the Taker vs. Punk match (let alone anything with Taker in it.) The Rock vs Cena rematch shouldn't really have happened, in my opinion. Ok, Cena lost last year, but was that match Match of the Year last year? Nope! Taker vs Triple H was! And I think that if the WWE title wasn't on the line, Taker vs Punk would have won Match of the Year.

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