Taker vs Sting

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by madmax123, Feb 22, 2014.

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  1. Match is being planned for WM31? A close insider from next Orlando has mentioned so.... any idea guys?
  2. I don't see why they would wait an extra year if sting is willing to sign now. time is not on their side
  3. Would be stupid. The older they get the worse it's going to be, and when are we going to get our Cena vs Taker match? Jesus.
  4. do people want taker/Cena because they think Cena is the only guy who could break the streak? I don't understand the seemingly universal appeal of that match
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  5. i heard that taker is now 65 and at next year he will be 66 god i don't think he will ever have match with super cena.
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  6. BLFFL?
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  7. For me:

    1) Match would be really good.
    2) Build would be really good. A face like Cena going up against Taker?
    3) Most realistic guy to end the streak which makes the build better. I don't want him to end it, or think he will, but I want to believe there's the possibility. Cena being his opponent makes that happen.
    4) Never faced at WM.

    List goes on. Only match I'm really interested in for Taker. Maybe Brock too.
  8. Bray or reigns vs Taker for me.

    Brock this year is a given. should be good
  9. He aint even 50 yet :emoji_wink:
  10. If it happened I'd be fine with it, but Taker/Sting is hardly dream match material for me. And the only reason I'd care to see Sting sign with the WWE at this point is so he can be inducted into the Hall Of Fame and get his own documentary DVD set. Otherwise, more old/part timers isn't what I want to see in 2014 or beyond.
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  11. I would HATE to see Taker vs Sting. Who wants to see 2 old, washed up guys wrestle and WM? Taker NEEDS to face the Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder at WM.
  12. I have zero desire to see Sting in the ring. He waited too long.
  13. No offense, but I think everyone who has been watching WWE(F)/WCW/CWA since Taker and Sting were relevant, want to see those two go at it no matter what they say. It has always been a big fantasy and dream for millions of people, but now since they're older everyone is saying they do not want to see it anymore? Nah, I think deep down they still do because it is the ultimate Good v Evil. However, if it is going to happen, it needs to happen quickly before both get too old.
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  14. No offense taken. I think Sting opted for the easy check and easy schedule for years. However that has made him irrelevant to me. At one time it would have been a draw. I'd rather not have one of Taker's last matches be against him.

    I do understand the draw for most people though.
  15. How do you know "everyone" who's been watching since the glory days of both men dreams about seeing them fight? Did you go and ask every single one of them? Not everyone is a Sting fan (or a Taker fan) and even if they are, not everyone is giddy about seeing a match between two guys that would have been a lot more magical back when they were younger and closer to (or in) their peak years. Speaking for myself, I've never been much of a Sting fan and I have little interest in seeing them fight at this point, nor do I have much interest in seeing Sting on the show period.

    I also don't see how it's the ultimate match of Good vs Evil when both guys would clearly be babyfaces going into it.
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  16. I understand your view. Maybe I did speak for a lot of people. However, it is in popular demand. You cannot deny that. I do apologize for speaking on your behalf, if you felt offended by such.
  17. ditto!
  18. I hardly even know who Sting is, so it wouldn't be a dream match for me. I could appreciate the significance of it, though. The spectacle would be interesting, at least.
  19. yeah it should happen probably would of been a lot better about four years ago though.
  20. I think it should happen for the sake of history. However, both have aged and it would not be the match that it could have been if everything had fallen into place a few years ago. There are a lot of guys that I would love to see challenge the streak but since it only comes once a year then it is limited as to who gets a shot and how much longer Taker can go. Personally, I would like to see Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio challenge the streak but only 1 or 2 of those may ever happen.
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