Taker wants streak over, you're Vince, what do you do?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JC4Life37, Apr 18, 2014.

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  1. It's obvious Taker is a tired man. He wanted the streak to end. If you're in the preliminary meeting to talk to him about his options, what do you say?

    Taking into consideration, nearly every ideal candidate would turn it down, that same star would likely receive (unfair) hazing the rest of his career. If his career tanked, it could follow him thru the Indies (where streak-breaking would likely be extorted).

    My ideal choice would be Bryan, whose legacy is largely secure mostly because Danielson is too respected to actually despise. (Contingent upon him accepting)

    Punk at 29 would have been great, insuring his place as the heel Vince knows he's best utilized as. He'd earn the MITB much to HHH chagrin. He'd be in Orton's role and the animosity b/w he and HHH would be great. It would all culminate at WM in the Bryan/Punk feud that would mark the true changing of the guard we all foresaw in 2011.

    Lesnar gives Taker a legit loss to a true fighter and a guy who wouldn't suffer from the loss. If Lesnar developed his character some, like he had in 04, I could get into this far more.

    P.S Batista unavoidable turn would be far more tolerable with the far more despised Punk in Orton role
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  2. I'd have booked Wyatt to end it at 30 if Taker came to me like "yo, streak is done who gets the rub?"

    Love Brock, but logically it doesn't make a ton of sense.
  3. What Dolph's said. Understand them not wanting to change plans but wasting the biggest rub of all time on Brock is unacceptable. No doubt that Wyatt will be able to run with it.

    Not just that, but having Wyatt and Undertaker always linked together would be phenomenal for such a strong character, a gimmick come to life just the way the Deadman was.
  4. Ditto, bro. Can't disagree. My only snag would be whether Bray hit the way we all know he should.
    If Bray didn't hit it, I'd blame the WWE Universe completely. F***ing knuckle dragging baffoons. Luckily for Bray, quality over quantity. He's destined to be the kind of cat who blurs the heel/face dichotomy far better than his predecessor (Kane)
    If there's a sure thing it's Bray. He does too many things too well (the right things). If he can stay healthy, remain enigmatic, his long term potential will surpass Reigns. (Though Reigns peaks and valleys will be far greater potentially)

    For a consolation, I wouldn't be mad if they created another streak just for Bray. Someone here mentioned it before, but starting a SummerSlam or Survivor Streak could be solid. (Particularly, if he closes Taker's career at an upcoming Survivor Series
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  5. Idk if he has more potential than Reigns, but I hope those two are cornerstones of the company for years to come. I could see them having a longstanding rivalry, and we've already seen it beginning. I love when guys organically just have their careers lined up and they are natural rivals. Rocky with HHH/SCSA. E&C with the Hardys. Cena and Orton (before it was beaten to death). I think Reigns and Wyatt will fall into that type of career-spanning rivals. I'd be shocked if we don't see a Mania match, likely for the title, between the two at some point.
  6. I'd sh** on the federation for years if the two didn't have that historic rivalry that's obviously in the making. My knock onf Orton/Cena is that they look too alike and one doesn't extinguish himself from the other well enough (almost completely Orton's fault)
    Wyatt/Reigns have comic book differences. Every great story features that good looking hero and an odd, off-beat nemesis. It's a factor this company has exploited and should continue to with Reigns/Wyatt in particular
    The two could switch heel/face roles much like Austin/Rock did. I see Reigns being greater, but I also see potential for booing when he's not supposed to be. I can't see Wyatt being booed unintentionally, even as a face.

    Make it happen, Steph
  7. Having been obviously shocked by the Lesnar victory, I was impressed (and continue to be) with the way the Ending of the Streak has continued to be touted by Heyman and the Heyman/Lesnar promo the night after Raw.

    If I'm Vince and Taker tells me it's time to end the Streak and Lesnar's the opponent, I would give him exactly what he wants. At that point, it comes down to how I treat the aftermath. So far, WWE has done that well.

    Now, I'll also admit that Lesnar would not have been my choice and (in keeping with my feelings on the guy) I would have set up a second feud between Punk and Taker with Punk going over at 30 (probably would have kept Punk around if he knew what was happening and that Taker had signed off on it....wouldn't have answered all of his purported concerns, but Punk has too much respect for Taker to walk away from that feud), but that's just me.

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  8. l. o. l.
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  9. Would've given Damien Sandow the most random opportunity in the world and let him end the streak, thus immortalizing his name in the record books.
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  10. Bray Wyatt, build it up like theres no tomorrow, and hopefully ends with undertaker not getting a concussion :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: At this point you could give Bray the streak (this was his first WM right?) but it would have to somehow be different rather than the same thing. I'd say give a 5 year streak and then have a title v. streak match and lose the streak.
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  11. As long as Brock puts over Reigns at WM31 then it went to the right guy.
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  12. 0:46 "You wanna do it?" - End my streak. Yup, Undertaker have planned it since 2010.

    Btw, I'm glad Brock ending Taker's streak, He's the only one deserving it. Plus, Undertaker has huge respect for Brock, don't forget it.
  13. I think it's a false proposition to say that the guy who ended the streak would be ostracized by his peers. Undertaker has had creative control over the Streak for years, and if he handpicked someone to end it, then it's entirely his choice, and the other boys in the back would have no choice but to respect that (even if they didn't agree with it.) I know if I were chosen to have that sort of honor bestowed upon me and both Taker and McMahon were OK with it, I'd go with it in a heartbeat and so would 90% of wrestlers, I'd imagine. You can't really say it's "disrespectful" to agree to end the streak when the guy who holds the streak is the one offering to you. And hell, Lesnar doesn't even care for the business and yet even he whispered in Taker's ear "Thank You" when the pinfall occurred at Mania because he respects Taker and his decision to choose him that much. If someone politicked their way to get to that position and honor, it'd be an entirely different story, but that would never happen here since McMahon allows Taker to have final say over who gets to end the streak.

    Anyway, Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns are the best choices out of the regular superstars on the roster, but I'm not completely sold on the idea of either of them ending it. Reigns isn't quite ready for that kind of mega push just yet (although if he were, he's be the perfect choice to end it, for the obvious reasons) and having Wyatt end the streak when he hasn't even been in the company for a full year is putting a shit ton of faith into a guy who may not even be (as) relevant a year or two from now.

    This is why Brock Lesnar ending it wasn't a completely ill-fated decision - he only wrestles sparingly (which only adds to his aura, because he's meant to be a special attraction and all) and thus, you can easily keep him undefeated for at least two years before jobbing him out to someone. In a two or three year period after ending the streak, you could book Lesnar in five or six matches and have him lose only like two of them. Compare that to if he were a regular member of the roster - he'd be jobbing a lot more over a two or three year period.
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  14. Lockard 23 - I wasn't implying 'disrespectful' in any connotation. (At least that wasn't my intent to lead anybody to believe as such) I do believe Bryan has a level of respect due to his credentials as a worker.
    Theoretically, I believe there's a guy code out there that states that, if asked, you say 'no' to the streak. Guys like Orton, Henry, Angle, Cena respect this code. I'm not in the locker room, but evidence suggests this theory holds weight.
    I'd say no myself, no matter who asked. It's similar to the HBK/Flair/Batista storyline in '08. Flair/HBK (and especially Flair) agreed to the stip, but Batista was butt-hurt about it (kayfabe) nonetheless.
    HBK was contrite and did it begrudgingly. He was well within his rights, but Batista took exception (he had a personal investment, actually). Not the best example, just trying to create a clear picture of the guy code I was referring to.
    WacoKid27 - If Lesnar won't work more dates, fine, but he could develop a 'run away train' ego for his character. Any normal adult can reveal egocentric or entitlement tendencies (case in point: CM Punk's WWE title reign in 2013)
    For all the cash, he's being paid and for the faith Taker has shown, he could at least do that much. If Lesnar gives us the same shtick, the same routine en route to a showdown with Reigns (or whomever) I will sh** on the booking decision.
    NeoPHX - I had concern Lesnar would injure Taker at some point. I am also aware that a small child could injure Taker at this point (meh, an extremely safe worker like Flair would make a better case).
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  15. Not end it, leaving Taker to retire undefeated.

    Then again, that's what I want. If I was actually in that position I think I'd end up actually respecting his choice and going along with it.

    as for the discussion of ending it, it's better for Lesnar to do it than some young guy, what if he does a Punk? Then 23 years really would've been wasted...
  16. I see your point but Punk was a bit of a unique case(except for SCSA) and usually its WWE that does the firing, not the other way around, and I am sure that getting that badge would mean quite a bit more than a title and would probably keep the superstar happy for a while atleast.
  17. I'd go with Wyatt, if Taker was alright with it and all. I think he's the young guy who's closer to being ready to get this rub, because although Brock can be considered an intermediary to the streak rub, so to speak, it's still not the big deal. Granted, there's the risk he could fail, but... it's worth the shot. He could make it (I'd give it one more year for Wyatt to mature personally, but anyway).
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