WrestleMania Taker's possible WrestleMania opponent

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Prince Bálor, Feb 18, 2016.

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    Nothing's set in stone yet, and sure, this match is 14-15 years too late, but still I'll take this over Taker vs Strowman any day.
  2. Goldberg? Nah. Rock? Only if it's a pillow fight, can't let him take bumps. Unless he can find a stunt double ofc. Still think Taker vs Reigns has the most appeal.
  3. I read something about Sting vs Goldberg.

    Also, I guess WWE is hopeful for John Cena to return for WM so yeah... It is likely why Undertaker hasn't returned yet.
  4. I highly doubt Sting is ever going to wrestle again. Guys at that age don't fully recover from injuries like that.

    My money is on Sheamus. I know it's lame sounding, but WWE has thrown him so many big oppurtunities this year so why not another one?
  5. If Ambrose wins at Fastlane, then Reigns is prolly the guy to face Taker.
  6. that is what I was thinking but who knows. I swear they are just booking things on the fly.
  7. I'm still surprised they're giving Undertaker opponents for Wrestlemania. Would have expected all this to end after he lost.
  8. cena will return at fastlane
  9. I think it's way too early for his return. We were told 6 months minimum.
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