Kayfabe Taking the fight out of the dog.

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  1. * The interviewer and Trodaí are sitting in the interviewing area, Trodaí has a distinct lack of a smile, it's as if he's just given up on everything, the two get down to business *

    Interviewer : Mr. Trodaí, it's an honour to have you here today

    Trodaí : Please, call me Michael

    Interviewer : If you insist, why is it that you want me to refer to you as Michael?

    Trodaí : Well it's a long story, just for now call me Michael

    Interviewer : Ok, what is your thoughts on your first pay per view match here in Exodus?

    Trodaí : I'm actually in a match? it doesn't matter anyway, I'm going to announce this here and now, no matter what championship shot I get I won't be coming back to wrestling. not just here just on general, you see I have an acting career to get restarted and a loving and very, very patient family to look after, I mean, there's still many things I've yet to do in wrestling, I've never won a world title, I've never held a title for longer than three weeks and one of my biggest regrets, I've never ever had more than one guy who's stuck by me, although we're not supposed to show it on TV me and Luke are and have been friends ever since we met in our first big show in America, I am not saying that this will officially be my last match, but don't get your hopes up people

    Interviewer : Why? what has stopped you from enjoying being here, why do you feel like packing your bags and not coming back?

    Trodaí : You wanna know the truth? I've just lost all passion for this business, I used to enjoy coming into an arena on a monday to train/meet and greet the fans/have a bit of a laugh with the boys in the back, but if I'm being honest, nothing gives me that little smile I had on my face everyday anymore really, I'm just gonna say this now, I've been offered a contract extension and I'm not gonna resign, I know I haven't been the major star I was all them few years ago but I'm still a big name in wrestling nowadays, I'm being offered jobs in companies I've dreamed of working in ever since I was a little boy, but I could never do that to this place, I could never do that to my friends and most of all, I wouldn't be able for it

    Interviewer : You mentioned your "boys" in the back, can you name some of them?

    Trodaí : Ah now, some of them are gonna send me a big paragraph after I say this but fuck it, they'd do it to me the bolloxes, there's Luke as I mentioned before, there's AitcheyPoo, he's been a good friend of mine for the past year, he's been there for me for ages now, there's also Buster motherfucking Gates, yeah, our time in the League of Greatness really brought us close together, there's Randall Borton, that crazy Michiganite, that guy is one funny dude, there's plenty of other fajitas I could mention, but for the sake of time, I'm just gonna leave it there

    Interviewer : What will you do if you get a title shot?

    Trodaí : I'll just give it to some kid who deserves it, my time is done for now

    Interviewer : Mike, can you give any advice to the younger talents in wrestling today to round this interview off.

    Trodaí : I have plenty of advice, but I'll cut it short, don't plan out your whole career, opinions change and so does your destiny, just take it all one step at a time and sometimes injuries happen no matter how careful you are, all ou can do is rebuild yourself and look forward, thank you all for being there for me my whole career, for that, I can never show you how much that meant to me, I love and thank every one of you. I guess this is goodbye for now then, see you all in the future

    * The camera fades to black *

    OOC : This isn't an angle or any gay shit like that, I'm legit done, big shoutout to all the homies who've been there over the years @LukeTheGreatFTW @SupaHeeroh @Randy Borton @Jet Starr and many others who didn't either sign up here or I can't remember, thank you all ya fgts, I won't be leaving the site for good, just for the next few months really, don't quote me on that.
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