TV Tales from the Darkside: Basher Malone

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Jacob Fox, Aug 8, 2017.

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  1. I sort of forgot about this, which is silly because I actually created the "Tales from the Darkside" wiki on But yeah, a really corny episode even for this show, which is always corny to begin with.

    This was right around the height of WWF popularity in the 80s, right after WrestleMania III but right before Mania IV. Vic Tayback plays a wonderful cheesy heel manager who seems to be patterned a bit after Freddie Blassie. Steve Strong has a body like Flair but it obviously mocking Hulk Hogan with his goody two shoes character.

    Anyway, it's no great piece of cinema but if you want to watch a corny show from the 80s not making fun of wrestling but trying to capitalize on it, this might entertain you.
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  2. ...... Very.... Interesting? Seems kinda cheap but yet, Interesting
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  3. Just saw the episode:
    Case of the Stubborns.... CREEPY DUDE
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  4. Yeah it was a really cheesy and cheap show. When I was younger ever Saturday night Midnight was WWF Superstars, 1 AM Glow Wrestling and 2 AM two episodes of Tales from the Darkside... but yeah got hooked on that show maybe mainly because of how cheap and cheesy
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