Talk to Joseph Park tonight 02/14/13

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  1. Anyone going to try?
  2. Wooooooooo! I will. :robbie:
  3. Please post the results. :happy:
  4. 3 questions, 0 answers. :downer:
  5. He doesn't know what he missed. You'll get em next time Win!
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  6. What did you ask though?
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  7. I stand corrected, I asked 4 qs.:mad2:

    Thanks! I'll WIN (pun intended) next time! :testify:

    @JOSEPHPARK_esq Was it harder facing Bully Ray or Testify Devon? #AskJoseph

    @JOSEPHPARK_esq #AskJoseph Who is your favorite X Division wrestler of all time in TNA?

    @JOSEPHPARK_esq #AskJoseph Do you have any sisters in Park family?

    @JOSEPHPARK_esq Are you still looking for your brother Chris.... You know... Abyss? #AskJoseph If not, why so?

  8. :boss1:
    How rude of him.
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