News Talking Smack canceled

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by ¡Tranquilo!, Jul 14, 2017.

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    Probably want more eyes on 205live.
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  2. Dumb move. If this was to get more people watching 205 Live, then it makes no sense whatsoever. If they want to make 205 Live better then stop making everything purple, allow the cruiserweights to have more freedom, and film the show before Smackdown. By the end of the SD show, the crowd is tired and not interested in watching Alicia Fox have a meltdown every week. How is wwe not seeing this, for fucks sake.

    Loved Talking Smack, sad to see it go but glad it's not gone completely.
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  3. :why: :why: :why: :why: :why:
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  4. #4 Grievous II, Jul 14, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2017 now the performers on SmackDown get
    even less TV/screen time and loose a vital way to
    develop their characters.

    This feels like the WWE is making a terrible mistake.

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  5. Fuck 205 Live. That shit should be like a Sunday night heat type of thing. Smackdown itself is goin down the tubes. Without AJ Styles they would be so fucked
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  6. #StopThePurple I haven't been able to stand that shit since it's inception. I started to for a bit, but after a few months it was like 'ok, remove the purple and blend it' the more they try to make it special and seperate the more damage they're doing, guaranteed. They have the same guys on RAW aswell, so just make it part of RAW and remove the Purple. Or blend it with smackdown..... nah fuck that, that would make 3 hours of each show.

    Ditch 205 Live, add it into RAW, without the fucking purple. Make RAW 2 houra (whenever their 3 hour contract runs out) and make it more action-packed. Make both RAW and Smackdown more action-packed.... WWE needs this.
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  7. Cancel 205 Live while you're at it, as well. What a boring show. I'm glad I don't watch it anymore.
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  8. And cancel the third hour of RAW and all the extra pay per views...

    Less is more WWE...
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  9. This irony is delicious, though. Celebrate female empowerment with the Mae Young Classic, dump the fun little post show with the perky female anchor that literally costs you nothing and provides quite a bit of opportunity. Plus the fact that Renee's Unfiltered show and her spot on Total Divas is also cancelled. The irony is clearly too much here.
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  10. Yes I totally agree, but I saw a video with jbl on a wwe talk show thing, talking about how raw has a contract for the third hour through til 2019 or something. Which sucks, but maybe they'll realize everyone begging to drop the 3rd hour and listen to their fans. Which seem to be fading away lately.
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    That was the same show where PeeWee Heyman told the
    WWE fans if you don't like the 3 hour RAW then don't watch it.

    Great business strategy there by Heyman and the WWE.
  12. Yeah that's a little shady. But you never know. They'll most likely be forced to do something drastic one day...I hope lol
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  13. Sources: Vince McMahon canceled WWE's Talking Smack

    Apparently unscripted, actually entertaining television where the talent can be genuine and grow on the mic is that shit Vince don't like.
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  14. Time to ship Old Man Vince off to a retirement home I think.

    I say let Hunter run the main roster for a year and see if the
    "numbers" increase...the ratings and the profits.
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  15. I second this! And like you said before, less is more, I totally agree with that as well.

    Less TV time and less flashyness, dress it down alot.

    I much prefer the late 90s setups compared to today's.
    Sure today's sets look first. But then it gets old. Mostly because they use the same setup for ppv aswell. And the crowd lighting....different colours, why? Lol

    Maybe I'm alone in this though, idk lol
  16. I'm not entirely sure HHH taking over is the real solution. It would be a change of pace sure but not a permanent solution. However, If NXT is an indication I'd say we are in good hands regardless.
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  17. Yes, Vince cancelled it because he is afraid of upscripted content in WWE, creates free thinkers

    No seriously.... WWE does not like that shit
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    Vince probably cancelled it because Daniel Bryan was on it...
    and Vince wants the fans to forget about Bryan and focus on
    that other guy Vince likes.
  19. Wow, lot of hatred for Vince McMahon here.

    Talking Smack was cancelled because no, it wasn't free. It has production costs, staffing costs and Young and Bryan potentially earned a bonus. It also meant that wrestlers were spending less time moving on to the next time and more time hanging around for an interview so it wasn't popular with the wrestlers.

    It was cancelled, ultimately, because nobody watched it. It's the same with Unfiltered, unfortunately. WWE let Renee Young have the show as an experiment to see if the different format could get views. It didn't. She left Total Divas because she's not the one they wanted to get on there in the first place. WWE have been trying for years to get Dean Ambrose to market himself like the star that most fans think he is but he won't do it so they can't push him.

    Talking Smack was a great show. I loved it. It was 18th on the network when it was cancelled according to Meltzer. Old ECW reboot shows from 2005 were getting more views. There's no conspiracy from Vince. WWE cancelled a show that nobody wanted to watch.
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