Tallest wrestler's in Wrestling History

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    Who are the tallest wrestler's in Wrestling History?
  2. Big Cass
    Big Show
    Andre the Giant
    Am I missing anyone else?
  3. The tallest wrestler in WWE history... Giant Gonzalez

  4. How tall was that dude! I dont think I was even alive when he wrestled.... Was I? I was born in "91"
  5. He was 8ft and wrestled for WWE in 1993!

    Here is a clip of him facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania IX
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    I would've been 2 yrs old.
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  7. Good Lord, The Man is Tall!!! It would take 2 or 3 of me stacked to be as tall as him. He's prob not even alive now.... Is He? And If NOT, What happened to him?
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  8. After he left WWE at the end of 1993 he wrestled in New Japan in 1994-95 before retiring! In 2010 he died due to diabetes and heart issues (the heart issues would have been due to his height) he was 44 when he died.
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  9. Did he come from same place The Great Khali came from?
  10. No, I'm pretty sure he was born in Argentina.
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  11. Giant Baba
  12. Never heard of that one
  13. Oooh...Japanese Wrestling, Thats why I Never heard the name
  14. Wow look at how ripped and muscular that guy is! Lmao that costume is almost believable....

    Aside from that though, the dude's tall.
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  15. If you're going to include Kane and Taker, you gotta include this guy.

    He might'nt be the tallest, but he's definitely the biggest.
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  16. Wow! Hmmm... I was born in 91, So I dnt think I remember anything about him.
    But 6'11. Wow