Tamina Kicks Nikki

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by HIGH FLYER, Dec 18, 2013.

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  1. Did you guys see that kick to the face by Tamina to Nikki Bella? Either she's climbed up to a Ziggler/Rollins level of selling, or it really caught her right in the mouth.. have you guys heard anything about whether she had a busted lip or something??
  2. I think she got to a Ziggler/Rollins level of selling because the kick didn't look so natural imo. Just look at her hand...

    Btw, this is the vid.
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  3. It legit caught her good, she had a busted lip and everything.
  4. I thought so.. poor girl.. all those girls have going for them is their looks, and I'm sure a busted lip doesn't help
  5. Where did you hear about the busted lip? Is there pics?
  6. She uploaded a picture on Instagram of blood on a towel not long after the kick happened so apparently it actually caught her.
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  7. That was straight to the face
  8. It might make her prettier, they are dog faced twins, nice kick though.
  9. Big tits or small tits?
  10. Big.
  11. Yeah it looked like a vicious kick and I could tell it hurt Nikki after it happened. I wonder if AJ used the shining wizard because of how Nikki reacted to it.
  12. Yeah, she tweeted this photo after http://instagram.com/p/iAh9CACkMk/#

    Soon as I saw it I thought "she's either selling that like an absolute beast or she's legit hurt...". Turns out she got hurt. Ouch!
  13. That's not that much blood.. but lol. Owned.
  14. "New Boobs" Nikki
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  15. Hands down the most painful looking thing i've ever seen happen in a ring
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  16. So can we call her "Botchina" now? lol
  17. I would probably have to have a single moment in my life where I make reference to her before I needed a nickname to call her
  18. Sorry, I forget everybody who has opinions on here doesn't watch WWE religiously like I do (or try to anyway).
  19. You watch divas matches? :eww:
  20. I watch ALL the matches man
    EDIT: Includes RAW, SD, and NXT
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