News Tammy "Sunny" Sytch Hospitalized Again

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  1. WWE Hall of Famer Tammy "Sunny" Sytch was hospitalized last Monday, as seen below in a Facebook post from Sytch. PWInsider is reporting that local police were called to her home before she was subsequently rushed to the hospital.

    Sunny posted the following, asking fans to "act selflessly" and start a fundraising page to cover her medical costs:

    "So many times I have done things to help others... Given away money, began Go Fund Me pages for friends (some of whom even have husbands who are working. ) All out the goodness of my heart. Well, now it's time Karma comes back to me for a change. I have been in the hospital since Monday afternoon and we're not quite sure what's wrong yet. I had a cyst on my pancreas that was 1.5 cm in March, and they said if it got bigger it would need to drained, removed or have a stint put in. Well now it's 3 cm. double the size. Also my gall bladder may need to come out. I've been in constant abdominal pain for 5 days and bedridden because of it. I have had a CT Scan with contrast , an MRI with contrast , and probably getting and endoscopy with ultrasound by Monday. Lots of bills coming my way, not to mention personal bills. If someone was to be selfless enough to start a fundraising page, I would be eternally grateful. Remember, I don't have a husband to take care of me. Thanks!"

    Her GoFundMe:

  2. I feel for her but just speaking from an ethical perspective, isn't it kind of not selfless to ask people to be selfless? And if someone is doing it because Tammy asked them to, doesn't that negate their selflessness? And by me asking this, am I a bad person?

    Now I feel so rotten maybe I should start the page for her. Hmmm.

    In all seriousness, though, I hope she'll be all right. I've always enjoyed her as a manager.
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  3. Shame really, didn't look very well in the porn shoot she did, so I can't say I'm surprised. Hope she gets well soon and gets her life back on track!
  4. A lot of old wrestlers get on GoFundMe it is like a trend now. I feel like she is being a bit selfish though. Like asking for money just because she used to be famous. If she would have managed her money like she managed her wrestlers (kayfabe) maybe she wouldn't be worrying about money right now.
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  5. Surprise, surprise.
  6. Also, I had no idea she did porn. I don't really follow any of the female wrestlers past or present so that is likely why. I only like, like 3 of them. lol
  7. Yeah and saying you deserve good karma and that you should somehow be paid back for being selfless in the past... well that isn't selfless at all. When you start thinking you deserve rewards for the good things you may have done in the past, the very fact that you ask for reward negates and selflessness that may have been behind the original action.
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  8. I know most people on here don't share my beliefs (Christian) but I believe that doing good deeds/things in order to get rewards or expecting them is being selfish. You should be kind out of the goodness of your own heart, not to hold it over someone's head to get your way with things. I had friends like that. Key word there is "HAD".

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  9. If she was being so 'selfless' helping out others, she wouldn't need to try and guilt other people into starting one for her.

    As much as I dislike her (which is a LOT), I do hope she makes a speedy recovery.
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  10. I share some of those beliefs and agree what you say about kindness.
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  11. Unfortunately, the news kept getting worse. On Friday, Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc reported Sunny was arrested for violating her probation.

    While everyone is responsible for themselves, it's hard not to sympathize with someone when they continually find themselves in bad positions. Hopefully Sunny can turn things around and get back to being a happy and healthy person.

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