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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Ironman666, May 22, 2013.

  1. I used to view this forum through the Tapatalk App on my iPhone but now I am unable to log onto the forum and get a message saying the forum maybe restricting access from Tapatalk and to contact the forum administrator ....anyone any idea?
  2. I guess not…...what's the point in a questions forum if no one answers
  3. The old forum was running on MyBB and since it's now running on Xenforo the Tapatalk module is no longer there. Your best bet is to PM Crayo or Xanth and get them to install a Xenforo compatible Tapatalk Module (assuming it even exists).
  4. I don't think Crayo has activated Tapatalk for this new forum.
  5. Before I moved the forum software, I was told by people in the big-board-owners group that Tapatalk is vulnerable. Meaning the site could be at some sort of risk having it installed.
  6. Did you try and get confirmation on that from the XF forums? That could be old rumors.
  7. You should just use the mobile version of this site. It's way better than Tapatalk. It has almost everything that the desktop version has except customized for mobile only.
  8. Installed it. Can someone confirm it works? My phone isn't here.
  9. Crayo Seems to be working fine mate :emoji_slight_smile:
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