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  1. Could you get Tapatalk for the forum? I tend to use my mobile loads, therefore I and other users can make more posts to the community with Tapatalk installed.
  2. Done. Can you test it and tell me if it worked?
  3. Would also want this, can't test it as my phone isn't with me. :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. Can't test it myself, my phone isn't good enough -.-.
  5. It is not showing up that you have been added...
  6. Fixing now. Missed one key-step, and I'm facepalming.

    Will update you when it's done.

    Edit; Need a quick 90x90 image for WF. :O
  7. Done. Can someone check it?
  8. It works!! :emoji_slight_smile:

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  9. What about MyBBGM as well? I like to keep number of apps to a minimum.
  10. Yeah literally just installed it before you posted that. Should be mobile-friendly now :emoji_slight_smile:.
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