Taryn Responds to Gail and Velvet. DELETES ALL SOCIAL MEDIA!

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    This past Wednesday night, Gail Kim and Velvet Sky aligned themselves against Taryn Terrell. As Taryn was running scared from a retribution seeking Gail Kim, the leader of The Dollhouse ran into a vengeful Velvet Sky. By watching the video below, one can only imagine what Gail did to the hand of Taryn Terrell.

    If you are feeling sorry for Taryn, remember the vindictive Terrell not only broke Gail’s finger a couple of months ago, but she also ripped off Gail’s wedding ring and made false accusations about Gail’s husband, Robert Irvine. Payback was certainly due for Taryn Terrell and she got it Wednesday night.

    As a result Taryn Terrell has deleted all her social media accounts, no more Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Periscope. Taryn has gone into hiding. We reached out to Taryn and thru an intermediary, Taryn responded with the following:

    "My left hand has been destroyed. Gail Kim… Velvet Sky… you do not know what you’ve done. Your assault on me was unprovoked and unwarranted. My revenge will see you both destroyed and the creation of an even stronger Dollhouse."

    -Taryn Tarrell

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