Taryn Terrell (Tiffany) Has Found A New Life

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Neptune, Nov 4, 2015.

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  2. I came here expecting the news she got into porn. :rollins3:

    Oh, well. Good for her!
  3. Good. Very good.
  4. That's just what the world needs... Another religious loon.
  5. Christian chicks are the best :gusta:
  6. I have a feeling you have a thing for church girls...
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  7. Being a christian doesn't mean she is a religious loon though I know a lot of them are, you can't judge one person based on what other people do.
  8. Did she ever go into detail as to what her 'sins' were? I mean, it could be either a sweet "I was a bad friend/wife/daughter so now I will help my family and stuff" or a hypocritical "now I won't do more harmless things for fun, and instead will judge those that do".

    I will try to assume the former, but I have never seen a chill christian making this sort of vague preaching.
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  9. Honestly, I can handle religious loons. Atheist loons are the worst, though.
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  10. I never got this. I mean, militant Atheists are pretty annoying, but what's the worse they will do, share a Richard Dawkins quote on facebook?
  11. Well most Atheist loons are the preachers. If you're an atheist, why are you spending hours talking about religion? lol seems contradictory to me.
  12. Religion plays a pretty heavy role on people's lives, whether they follow said religion or not, so if talking about it will loosen the grip, they will do it. If you're a atheist on a small christian community/overly religious family the odds are that you're going to have *really* hard time, so it's nice for them to have some representation or reassurance.

    And even if the dude preaching isn't thinking about it like that and harrass people that just don't give a fuck about other people's beliefs, being obnoxious is pretty tame compared to what people usually associate with religious extremists.
  13. People who are hypocrites are annoying. Their beliefs are just used as a tool to annoy us.
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  14. They call you stupid simply for believing different things than they do. They belittle religious people. They tend to group all religious people together, even though many of us are not like the loony religious freaks out there. They discount personal experience. And the worst is that although I agree with many of their points, such as not having religious teaching in publuc school or religious icons on public ground, some I know have tried to get religious displays removed from private property and such. This was attempted in the town in Illinois I am from and it was ludicrous.

    But that's the extreme fringe of course. I get along with many atheists actually, because we can be respectful to each other. But there are extreme and annoying atheists and religious people.

    Oh and the ones who are atheist because it's fashionable annoy the fuck out of me. I don't care what someone believes or doesn't believe but I prefer people to at least defend their own beliefs with original thought and without loads of logical fallacies.
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  15. And I was hoping Terrell's new life was one that took her away from wrestling.
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  16. Well.,,,,, there goes another great woman wrestler's career..

  17. That's not what I meant. I know there are a lot of annoying atheists and yadda yadda yadda. What I meant was that the worst that will come out of someone being a 'fanatic atheist' is him/her being a asshole, which is tame compared to what a fanatic religious person will generally do, which ranges from kicking your children out of your house for going against your beliefs to bombing a abortion clinic.

    I just can't see how "Oh boy, militant atheists are just as bad as bad as a religious zealot" is anything but a golden mean fallacy. You can admit there are assholes on every group without making use of false equivalence.
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    My post was deliberately ironic. I was answering your question in the voice of someone arguing against you but making a poor argument that in essence supports your point.
  19. That was some top notch sarcasm then. I didn't get it at all, good job:adr:
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