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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, May 27, 2014.

  1. Felt we needed a new one :tough:

    If you have tattoos, share them here.
    If you find tats you like, share them here as well.
    Everything & anything tattoos.

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  2. Dope as fuck Vivi from Final Fantasy 9, not mine but still sick.
    Chick with a Chocobo Tattoo, would love to meet her!
    Still waiting on my first ink but I still am working on the drawing of it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  3. I dont have tatoos, but I know they are a sign of smarts and coolness

    if you see a lad with tattoos you know he is probably cool as custard
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  4. This is mine, it's now eight years old. I'm currently designing a new tat- A nurse, but haven't finished it yet.

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  5. I'll probably be getting another one soon, haven't seen a design which connects with me yet though.
  6. I plan on getting "Only death is real" some day soon. My gf wants to get "Only black is true".

    Those who know, know :emoji_wink:
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  7. I'm onto your shenanigans. :notsure:
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  8. She's just referring to her preference of penis colour :happy:
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  9. Congrats to both the choices
  10. [​IMG]

    Legit this is one I wanted, without the words though and the triforce just gold and bigger.
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  11. Going to have to neg rep this post :aries:
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  12. I've been contemplating about getting a big piece recently, but I can't decide on the design.

    I want one of those that look like they're coming from underneath your skin, like so:
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  13. Just use paint instead :>
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  14. @Danielson if you what a TMNT tat, get this one:

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  15. Best poster ever
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  16. if someone got that on their tummy they win the world
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  17. I really wish i cpuld draw though. A custom tat seems so appealing. I have expressed my ideas to my artist but we are having a lil disconnect. I just want him in my brain to know
  18. My friend's cousin drew his own and inked it on himself and it turned out pretty fucking bad ass.
    Most people I know have drawn their own but mainly they just draw the background and extra imagery a lot of it is just basic characters.
  19. Couldn't you draw a basic design which the artist then tidies up?
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