Tatsu possibly injured

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. Not that he is that important a character but it's almost never good news when a wrestler gets injured.

  2. Not good news when someone's injured, I hope he isn't, and if he is that he gets better.

    Although his shedule seems to be close to Undertaker's, he only wrestles like three times a year during the Asian tour. :dawg:
  3. Noooooooooooo, there goes another main eventer.
  4. How will they cope now? First Kelly now Yoshi, TNA = top company in 2013.
  5. More like 2007.
  6. This injury has sent us back 3 years :shock:
  7. Hope Yoshi gets better, sucks he doesn't and now for sure won't, get any television time. I don't understand why young talent can't be on television since they use them a lot in house shows.
  8. Aren't we in 2012?
  9. 5 years :shock:
  10. Seabs is to time travel what Scott Steiner is to math.
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  11. That sucks. Must be because he hadn't wrestle in such a long while!
  12. Anyone else know why he's still employed? Is it simply so they can use him in Japan for pops?
  13. I think the only reason a wrestler like Tatsu or the Khali is still employed because it shows "tolerance of other races" for a lack of words? I can't think of the actual term for it.
  14. Guess he's one of those people who they actually use as enhancement talent for the new characters. He's the face Slater, but Santino fits that role much better.
  15. I didn't even know he was still in the E' :dawg:
  16. Maybe he's there to keep Sheamus in line since he beat him up that time. Don't mess with Yoshi.
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  17. I like Yoshi's in-ring ability, but he sucks on mic. Hope it's not too serious.
  18. Any update on this?
  19. I think he tweeted on twitter (Obviously) that's he's not injured it was just a rumour and he hates rumours.
  20. :yay: he's so cute and adorable im glad he's not injured.
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