Tatsu trying to adapt

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  1. Hopefully he can pull it off, he's a decent worker.
  2. Love Tatsu, if he learns english that's great. He just needs to get Booked! have something that the crowd loves him for like the "YES!/NO!" of Daniel Bryan.
  3. Wth he has been a lot of time on the WWE ....Tatsu ..you better get adapted to superstars or dark matches :otunga:
  4. Why invest in an average worker who'll offer them little to none international appeal?
  5. Isn't he the only Japanese guy on the roster?
  6. [​IMG]

  7. That's like an English footballer tearing it up in the MLS then saying he'll make brits watch. Japan is a huge wrestling market which is bloated by their own promotions.
  8. MLS never does an English tour. WWE does, on occasion, go to Japan.
  9. You think Yoshi Tatsu will draw in a Japanese market dominated by Tanahashi and the New Japan machine? I'm sorry but i'm guessing you don't know too much about the wrestling culture in Japan. WWE draws for their occasional tour as the guys love wrestling not due to any individual star.

    The competition is hugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggeee in Japan plus if they wanted a guy to market towards the puro market they'd use Tensai dude's really well respected over there, much more so than Yoshi will ever be.
  10. Never said he'd draw but everyone likes to see a hometown guy at the show. He could open up with a win and get the crowd going. As for Tensai, don't think he'd get much respect as Sweet T.
  11. Kinda late, don't you think Toshi?
  12. I honestly doubt they'd care, even if they did why not just throw him for the Japanese shows?
  13. Meh, he's a good worker but I can't see him going farther than the midcard anyway. Speaking English or not.
  14. He should have learned english from the get go. Did he honestly think he would be a successful superstar without learning it
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  15. Tatsu is talented, I would love to see him get a push soon.
  16. Hate to be a pessimist, but I really do not see a bright future either way. Maybe a gimmick tag-team with another Japanese wrestler could work if the matches were extraordinary, or some manager attached with him or something, but I really see it being a lot of work to get him over.
  17. Agreed, it's not even like he's a big name in Japan to play off that like Tensai or Cara could.
  18. He should be the new Funaki.