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  1. Hey all,

    Attached is picture of my first tattoo. I was curious to see other people's tattoo's. Please share pics of your tattoo's, experiences, or simply talk about random shit that has nothing to do with tattoo's. :emoji_slight_smile:

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  2. Thought it was an ultimate warrior mask at first glance with the pic all small like that lol. I got 3 - one over my heart (baby dragon), one on my back (winged heart with barbs coming up out of a lotus flower), and one on my right shoulder (hard to explain - found it in a book I was reading). No pics really though.
  3. I got three... One on each wrist ( a tribal heart and a cat) and one on my neck (a dove).
    I am too lazy to take pictures. lolol
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  4. I can't take a picture right now, but I have a quarter sleeve of metallic tribal on my right arm. I also have the words " The world is yours " tattooed on my chest.
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  5. soulfly-4f2220229a1b3.png

    On my back - minus the words
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  6. I have three different tattoos, but only have a pic of the one on my arm. It's a big pic, hence the spoiler.

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  7. sorry for it being small. I was trying to make it smaller as they won't allow more detailed photos because of size limits. But, mine is my family crest. Last name at the bottom: mckenzie.

    no pics??? come on man.
  8. very nice!!! love it. Hurt at all???
  9. when you can take a pic, please share.
  10. come on man....just do Nike....just fucking do it...take the pic.
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  11. Thank you <3

    It got painful under my clavicle, the rest was actually not so bad. It put me off a chest piece for sure.
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  12. I have a Jesus tattoo on my DICK #DoomGeneration
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  13. lol I would cry....well maybe not...but I might wince in some pain.
  14. pic BIG man????:ksi:
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  15. I didn't cry, but it really hurt. And you can feel all the bones rattling in your neck and head- so weird. I need to get brave though because I want the tops of my feet done next.
  16. Yes that does take bravery....idk if I could do that shit....ouch!!!

    next one I want is on my left chest....
  17. What are you planning on getting there?
  18. You tattooed your gardener on your dick? :shock:
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  19. at this point, not 100% sure. Prob something related to family or very meaningful to me. I will only get a tattoo that has meaning and will never change. I was thinking a variation to my current family crest.
  20. It'll hurt, but I'm sure you'll deal better than me. The crest looks awesome.
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