News Taz leaves TNA

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  1. [​IMG]

    Guess it's official.

    Maffew is besides himself right now.
  2. With this move, the temperature in the Impact Zone went down 20 degrees.
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  3. :bischoff::booker2::cornette::hogan::steve::burns::letroll:
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  4. It's only fitting that his old rival Sabu takes his spot. In gimmick ( as in mute).
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  5. Well IMO this is a positive thing, probably the first for TNA since they got the Destination America deal.
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  6. Sabu will throw his announcers chair at his co commentator and point to the sky.
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  7. :lol1: Expected @Snowman to mark out a bit more, but alright
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  8. I wonder if we'll have his commentary for tonight. And I wonder if Mike Tenay returns or whatever. Taz is gone, not a big shame, he was good when motivated but sucks when he's not. He's been decent with Matthews but I guess they can take the opportunity now to get someone new in if they don't use Tenay. I wonder who's out there and would do a good job for TNA. I mean, I only know that JR is out there as far as actual wrestling commentators go and they used to have that Todd Keneley guy.
  9. I love how people are reacting like this like it's actually a big deal lol. "OMG TAZ IS GONE! TNA IS DOOOOOOOOMED!!!" No, stfu and gtfo. Literally zero people who aren't more emotionally invested in TNA than any actual wrestler (which would count 90% of wrestling fans, but still) give one shit about Taz leaving. And then there's the other side, people who don't watch TNA who are like "Yes!! He can come to WWE and replace JBL! WWE Commentary is saved!!!" Lol, no! Taz. Is. Terrible. Mister "I Have a Boil on my Ass" is not an upgrade over anybody. He's not a loss for TNA. This isn't news.
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  10. This is what I came here to see.
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  11. But he's a wrestling legend mister.
  12. And without him TNA will be out of buildness in a year [​IMG]
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  13. Taz Addresses Rumors About His Departure From TNA Wrestling

  14. TNA is still around? LOL

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  15. Who will take is place?
  16. He wasn't a good commentator... not much of a loss
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