Rumor Taz(z) is a joke

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SWAGSUKE, Aug 3, 2017.

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  1. I listened to about half of last week's Something to Wrestle... with Bruce Prichard on SummerSlam '00.

    If you're not familiar with the show, Conrad always does his research on the big rumors from Meltzer or Keller to help have questions for Bruce on what Bruce's recollection of a particular time was.

    Bruce typically rips Meltzer, but sometimes he'll get one right. This week Keller apparently had legit stories about Taz in the WWE and what got him some serious heat in the back.

    I've been watching Taz since ECW, so this is especially funny to me. When I was a teenager discovering ECW, Taz was SO over with me. Why? He didn't sell shit and he suplexed everyone. I loved it! I didn't know anything about wrestling, or that this was the extent of Taz's talent.

    Fast forward to this episode last week of STW. Quoting Wade Keller, Conrad says that upon his arrival to WWE, Tazz With Two Z's told the boys "My character doesn't sell, he doesn't take bumps, and he just does suplexes".

    That is some amateur hour BS to say to the locker room. Hey guys, I won't sell or bump for you and I just got here!!

    So that explains the title of the thread.

    Taz is a joke, BRUTHA.
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    Interesting.....I took a chance awhile back to watch The Taz Show after looking at a Sam Roberts interview he was on. I watched a few episodes (until I had enough) and on one of his shows, he actually said something of that nature you've stated above Swagsuke but tries (often) to act like he's a sincere, respectful guy. Back and forth, I've somewhat enjoyed his show but I always find that he's an arrogant, pompous ass even directly to his fans who call in or write on his live feed. He gives good pointers and review shows/matches decent enough but he flies off the mouth a lot of times. I finally had to stop watching and listening to his show because I can't tolerate someone who decides to be that way yet act like he's a good guy and don't understand why people might find him unapproachable. So I agree, dude is a clown .

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  3. You worded it much better than I did. That's exactly the vibe I get from his show. My wife was even pointing it out. He talks a tough game to a regular guy like you or I, but he backs off whenever he's confronted by an actual shooter. Not a fake one, like he's built his rep on. His BS Judo that he talks about.

    There's this guy Paul Lazenby. He's got a really interesting resume, but among his accolades is a background in Muay Thai. He's a real head breaker. He verbally DESTROYED Taz on Killing the Town and challenged him to a fight!! Taz squashes it all in DM, Paul says Taz definitely did not want to fight lol. Paul is over 50 years old.

    Taz talks tough, but can't back it up.
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  4. Same here, Tazz was one of my favorites when I was younger because of that but later I realized he is just a whiney guy with a Napoleon complex.
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  5. Taz is a fat sh*thead. I'm glad people are finally coming around.
  6. There's a great story New Jack tells about RVD and Tazz having a match and something going wrong, RVD is pissed and looks for Tazz, finds him and asks him to "pick a hand". He does and Tazz gets slapped down in front of the whole locker room and says "Not in front of my students." And doesn't do anything back.

    But I never really got the interest about Tazz at all.
  7. Hulk Hogan when he's reading this: "that's the way to do it, brother"
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  8. Tazz sucks and looks like a hob goblin. I'm glad he's gone
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  9. Taz was cool when him and Michael Vole were an announce team, other than that, never been a fan of him