Taz's contract expiring soon.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. 411mania and other unreliable dirtsheets basing some actually tangible info from a deleted tweet, and it's not like dirtsheet reports are reliable anyway so I don't mind running with it lol

    Taz's commentary has improved tremendously from how it used to be, but having a new commentator would be tremendous for the product. #BringBackTodd
  2. Bring back Keneley to replace Tenay. Replace Taz with Striker. Boom. Instantly improve your commentating by 1 million %
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  3. What is Matt Striker like on commentary?

  4. From the little I've seen of him he was really good, he goes pretty in depth when talking about matches and seems to legit mark out at some moments.
  5. Fuck Taz.
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  6. Passionate. But he tends to go on tangents. Like delving in deep into the nature of moves, backstory and such. Pretty good stuff but he can get a bit tedious with it.
  7. Hopefully Mr.Bulletproof comes back to WWE :happy:
  8. :stfu:
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  9. Not fo' nuthin' Crayo but Taz >
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  10. Taz > Nothing

    Actually, I'd prefer no commentary than Taz. So no, Taz <
  11. Hope he won't renew his contract. Why the fuck they released Todd? He was pretty damn good. Hope they will bring Striker.
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  12. [​IMG]

    *TAZ cannot believe the disrespect shown to him by the Cornwaller
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  13. So would replacing Tenay and Taz with us.
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  14. TAZ wouldn't be able to show up for WWE on July 15 if his contract expires this weekend. Isn't there like a 30 days to-3 months no compete clause between wwe and tna or something like that?
  15. It's TNA so probably not.
  16. That goes without saying. We need to record some mock commentary for Impact tonight and send it to TNA Headquarters

    you want to be color or play by play?

  17. This better be happening!
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  18. I second this vote!

    Also, :gtfo: Taz.
  19. Dolph needs to go color for the heel rants.
  20. Michael Coliggler, undefeated at wrestlemania and an annoying fuck heel or face.
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