Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Pop Tatari, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. [video=youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Rdx7g88Bm3g[/video]

    Just so amazing,the pops Tazz got.

    Too bad wwe never really made him a big deal. Could he of been booked as a Main eventer in wwf? He had the ring ability,Quite good on the mic,had the intensity despite his small size.
  2. Tazz was awesome. He should come back again as a commentator for PPVs
  3. Not all WWE's fault tbh, iirc he stepped off due to injuries.
  4. He couldn't have been invested in too heavily as his neck was in a horrible state at the time, he retired what a year or 2 after his debut?
  5. Yeah he had injures but he still could of had a decent run in his first year maybe not main event. Instead they put him in the hardcore division.
  6. Where would he have fit though? You had Rock / HHH / Foley in the ME for the start later on Taker, Austin and Angle joined in too. Then you had Angle / Jericho / Benoit / Rikishi and Val all around the IC title. The tag division was tied up with E&C vs Hardys vs Dudleys and RTC and the APA. The European title was around the same level as the hardcore title in crapness so that wouldn't have given him much of a better run IMO. He chose the wrong time to jump IMO, the roster was too busy, same as Raven really.
  7. Yeah i agree it was so stacked full of talent that was hard for him
    to be relevant.Very bad timing
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  8. Have you ever watched TNA? His commentary is horrible, at least 50 people a week die from it.
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  9. It's quite sad comparing our main event and mid card now to the one in your post
  10. Imissed Tazz as a commttery! Please come back to WWE TAZZ!
  11. Taz was a beast and i one of my fave wrestlers in ECW. Such a shame bout his neck as he really was a wreckin machine and without the damaged neck he couldve been up there with the big boys in the WWE with ease. Guy as they used to quote was a human suplex machine and he was really over when he came to the E so without injuries was a star in the making.
  12. Oh, you can have him Gohan. Trust me, I won't be missing him in TNA.
  13. I wish he had never left wwe as a commtery! I would take him back with open arm. HE differeny what "SmackDown" is today! Up "Here Comes The Pain"
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