Tea for a king...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. Absolutely amazing. :yay:
  2. We should make this a daily thing, I had 3 burgers, and a whole separate plate of chips the other day. :boss1:
  3. Do you know how to resize an image
  4. u still play ps2? :boss:
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  5. love when you post pictures of your food lol
  6. :boss1::boss1:

    When I was in Turkey in April my dinner consisted of: 2x Cheeseburgers, plate of chips and a slice of pizza. The food in that hotel was 10/10. Best food ever on holiday.

    Tea was a lot more sophisticated, not just burgers, chips and pizza, like Curry, local dishes, everything.

    They even made things to request. I ordered a London pizza (chips folder in) and macaroni cheese. Best macaroni I've ever had.
  7. I do. But that's a PS3 remote. :dawg:

    Just for you bby. <3
  8. Also is that a 32gb USB.
  9. Funnily enough, it is. It's my college one.
  10. I bought one similar of eBay are year ago I think. We have the same USB. :boss1:
  11. Had exactly the same as you, but I didn't cover it in ketchup like a kid. I had mushy peas on the side like a king.
  12. Ketchup isn't for kids, :cry:
  13. Smothering it everywhere is :tough:
  14. Possibly.
  15. You think that's bad Crayo? You should see my pizzas. SMOTHERED in ketchup.
  16. I want a picture to verify this next time you have a Pizza.
  17. Which fish shop did you get it from Jon? Queens is gorgeous imo.
  18. Golden Fry next to Lidl. Never had Queens.
  19. If you look through my threads you'll see previous pics.
    Ask Crayo or someone, he's seen it before. :dawg:

    Not that. :dafuq:
  20. You should try it, next to Morrisons don't even know where Sunderland's Lidl is, where abouts in Sunderland are you?
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