Team 3D Wins Round 1: Tables Match Up Next!

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    Last night’s IMPACT culminated with the beginning of something very special. Executive Director Kurt Angle announced that a Tag Team Title Tournament would take place to not only determine the TNA World Tag Team Champions, but also who the greatest tag team in professional wrestling today is. The competitors: current tag champs The Wolves, the iconic team of Matt & Jeff Hardy, and TNA Hall of Famers Team 3D!

    Last night kicked off the tournament intensely, and ended with Team 3D claiming victory #1! Looking to close the series out in a clean sweep, Bully Ray and Devon have opted to make match #2 a TABLES MATCH! The kinds of tables have made it clear that they want the TNA World Tag Team Championships and, with a Tables Match next, the odds are ever in their favor to get the job done!

    Wednesdays are now all about the best wrestling in the world – so don’t miss what happens next Wednesday on IMPACT!


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