News Team Air Botch?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, May 15, 2013.

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  1. :lol1:
  2. To be honest, this sounds quite good. I love high-flying tag-teams.
  3. Though Adrian Neville + Evan Bourne would be so much better.
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  4. I would call them Plane Crash.
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  5. I fear they are going to use Neville and his ring skills to get Dallas over by proxy. They have been tagging at house shows recently and not every crowd is as smart as the NXT one which boos Bo out of the building constantly and even started the "NO MORE BO!" chant.
  6. Sin Cara??? Justin Gabriel is a better option since Tyson Kidd is out for 6 months if i remember right. Or just pair him back up with Kofi Kingston and reunite Air Boom. How will this team of Bourne and Cara work if Sin Cara dosent speak a word of English
  7. Brilliant post.
  8. They shouldnt go this way.

    Kofi and Sin Cara so Kofi can have some mic time.
    Gabriel and Bourne.
    Neville and Generico or even Mysterio (To pass the torch stuff) Or alone. Chasing the IC/USA championship
  9. Even Bourne doesn't botch too much, well at least in comparison to Sin Cara. I like high flying tag teams, it will probably just end up going nowhere like The Luchadores (Rey and Cara).
  10. Well, this team sounds somewhat interesting but Bourne being the mouthpiece is something a bit ridiculous.
  11. In comparison to Cara YOU are an in ring god.

    Id like to see it work in any way that keeps Cara off my TV.
  12. Who was the last high-flyer to actually be good on the mic? Seriously can't remember one (outside of Aries obviously)
    Would rather stick Bourne with a better talker but Kofi's the gold standard of mic skills in the don't-call-it-a-cruiserweight-division
  13. He should be fine as long as he doesn't laugh.
  14. Team HIGH Flying
  15. Yeah, Kofi sprung to mind, I expected a talker of that level to stick with either Bourne or Sin Cara, maybe Kidd when he comes back?
  16. Dont put Bourne in another tag team.
    Just open your eyes VINCE and make that cruiserweight division already!
    The list of cruiserweights in NXT + the "workers" on RAW and Smackdown would make a great division.
    But hey thats just me...
  17. Their finisher can be called 9/11.
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  18. That's gonna be the fun part :ksi:
    Hello Im Evan Bourne
    Hola mi Sin Cara
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  19. That name is to plain for me ; )
  20. They should be called High-Cara
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